New Hours!!

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New Hours!!

New Hours!!

By: Humberto Ferro Neto


"Hello folks, how are you doing this week?? In this week's blog we have some updates to go over. The new hours, the new days we are open, and the reason we’ve changed.


Our working hours have changed, and it's for the better! As you all know we used to be open from Monday to Friday from  8:30AM to 5:00PM and closed on weekends. These old hours were a little inconvenient to some of our customers. What our customers say actually matters to us. So we have taken all your comments into consideration, and now our new customer service hours are: open ALL week long everyday 24 hours a day!! So you can get the help you need when you need it!!


Isn't that amazing?? Well let me tell you why we’ve made this decision, it's because of you! Our beloved customers and supporters! We noticed through the years that we had more questions during the times when we were not open for questions. Especially on weekends! As you may know, working with Ekopel is a timed process as you can’t use the material the next day. All these things have made us decide to extend our working hours a bit longer to offer you the best customer support and service possible. We hope you enjoyed this update and find it helpful in your future projects with us! Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us as we are ALWAYS happy to help in any way that we can!

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