Tub Cast 5000 Bath Tub Refinishing Kit - No Odor DIY Pour and Roll On Resin Kit

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We are proud to offer our DIY Tub Cast 5000 Pour and Roll On Bathtub Refinishing Kit.  

This kit is perfect for refinishing tubs, sinks, one piece tub/surround units, showers, and tile. 


These Kits Include Part A, Part B, a Foam Roller, and Paper Scoop  



It is is slightly easier to apply than Ekopel, however, there will be less long term durability.  Life expectancy on a tub is 5-10 years.  For a fiberglass tub and surround or a tile wall this is by far the best product on the market and will last indefinitely. 


Tub Cast 5000 will out last all the other refinishing kits on the market except Ekopel. 


Our 1 Quart kit is enough material to coat a standard sink. The half gallon kit will coat a standard size bathtub. If you have a tub with surround it is best to use our Gallon kit to coat the walls and then use ekopel for the tub area.  (Half gallon Size Tub Cast Kit can also be used instead of ekopel on the tub area.)


  1. To clean and prepare your tub, Simply follow our ekopel prep videos.
  2. Mix all of you part A and Part B
  3. Pour From The Top and Roll Tub Cast 5000 onto your Tub/Tile Walls. 
  4. Scoop excess material and repour light areas. 
  5. Level out and remove excess from bottom of tub
  6. Wait until material stops moving onto drain area, then remove tape. 
  7. Wait 24 Hour
  8. Enjoy Your New Tub! 


Follow our Full Video Demo at: All Things Refinished On YouTube Or On Our Website refinishedbathproducts.com