Pabrec Ekopel 2K Bathtub Polishing Wax

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Our Polishing Wax is formulated to prolong the life of your recast tub.  Over years of use soap scum  and minor scratches lower the shine of your tub.  Bathtub Wax by Refinished Bath Solutions will allow your tub to shine well beyond the suggested lifetime.  

Polishing your tub makes it easier to clean your tub by repelling watermarks and soap scum.

Our Custom Formula Bathtub Wax is designed to polish, and protect your bathtub. It works great on both porcelain and fiberglass units. This product is recast tub safe and easy to use. Simply apply with the sponge applicator (included), allow to dry, and buff with any dry, lint free cloth, until not slippery.