About Us

Refinished Bath Solutions was founded in 2016 by Patrick Foley in Nashua, New Hampshire.  The business was established to blaze a trail through the bath refinishing industry. Offering amazing products like1 Pabrec Ekopel 2k Bath Recasting System and Counter Cast, Refinished Bath Solutions has provided an alternative to traditional resurfacing products.  They have delivered a solution.  
Why settle for poor quality or pay big dollars for a brand new tub when you can Recast it?  Why endure intense labor or inhale toxic fumes when you can use eco-friendly, non toxic, fume free, easy to use products? You can get the best of both worlds - luxury at an affordable price.  
Recasting is the Refinished Bath Solution.


I had a spray business for years but couldn’t deal with all the harsh chemicals anymore. I came across Ekopel 2K and thought it shouldn’t be a secret. I thought everyone should know and have access to this amazing, odorless, Eco friendly product. We want to work with you and we feel confident that you want to work with us.

If you have a project or a desire to work with our excellent suite of products, I am your guy.  Feel free to send me an email at jmullen@refinishedbathsolutions.com and tell me what you are thinking. I will be happy to provide a top quality, long lasting, cost effective, and safe solution.

I am the customer service representative you talk with on the phone. I help diagnose problems and help walk you through how you can fix the issue. I am also the person you chat with on the website. I do all social media. I help make this business organized and make sure everything is running smoothly. If something isn’t running smooth I change that. I’m Refinished Bath Solutions Human Resources department as well. I love helping customers and I am very dedicated to this business. 


We are the warehouse team! We make sure things are running safely and properly. We measure out the different kits and build them from there. Package the orders after they have been built. We make sure things get shipped to where they need to be, and go out on time. 

 I love being at Dads work! I love hitting home runs over the Pabrec wall, helping with the mail, and coloring!