Don't Risk Letting Unqualified Contractors Take Your Money

With So Many Fly By Nighters Out There How Can You Find A Company You Can Trust?

  • Do you know what the best material to glaze a tub is?
  • Do you know what the price to reglaze a tub is? 
  • Is there any way to guarantee a company will honor there warranty?

 These are some of the many questions we answer daily.  With over 20 years of experience we have seen and heard everything in the bathtub refinishing world.  We know what to ask to get the most fair pricing, and the best quality work.  

Don't risk your tub peeling after only a few months, and never being able to find the refinisher to honor there warranty.  If you aren't careful this happens and there is almost no recourse.  


What Can Bath Solutions Can Do To Help?

Over the last 5 years we have turned the industry upside down.  To help prevent these horror stories, we have developed many relationships with reputable companies.  We ask the right questions and protect your money.  Our service will provide you with a formal quote, an insurance certificate,and we guarantee at least our service fee($49.99) in discounts.

With a guaranteed discount of our service fee you have nothing to lose.  If you have any trouble with a refinisher we will step in to help get any damage repaired and or monies returned at no charge!