Ekopel Countertop Kit - Odorless Extra Strong DIY Epoxy Refinishing Kit (NEW RELEASE!)

Ekopel Countertop Kit - Odorless Extra Strong DIY Epoxy Refinishing Kit (NEW RELEASE!)

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Ekopel 2K Countertop Refinishing Kit - Never Peel/Chip Coating - Refinish With Confidence - Free 2-3 Day Shipping Order Now!. Check Out Our Tutorial Video Below!

Unlike Cheap Toxic Paints Ekopel Will Never Peel Or Chip!!!

Ekopel 2K Key Features:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Odorless
  • Extra Thick Full Seal Coating 
  • With Proper Prep Will Never Peel
  • Easy Pouring method With YouTube Video Instructions

Other advantages Of Countertop Refinishing With Ekopel 2K

  • 24 hour cure time- Keep the temperature between 70-75° for optimal results.  If the temperature varies, the hardening time can be increased at lower temperatures and decrease at higher temperatures.   
  • Your use time after mixing is 60-90 Minutes depending in temperature. 
  • Refinish your countertop in 1-3 hours. 
  • Ekopel 2K can be tinted with Alkaloid Based Tints. 
  • Easiest Installation On The Market
  • Scratch/Peel/Burn/Chip Resistant 

 Additional Ekopel 2K Countertop Refinishing Information.

Though other DIY Refinishing Kits seem cost efficient they are the opposite.  In addition to the $30-$50 Cost you will need a organic compound respirator and other tools to install bring the average cost up to $80.  That on top of 4-5 hours to install and clean up.  Leaving your house out of service and smelling like chemicals.

On the other hand for a one time cost of $169.99 Ekopel 2K Will last up to 20 years, provided that there is regular care of the coating.  Avoid abrasive cleaners and clean regularly to maintain a long lasting shine.

Watch our instructional videos before use.


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