Watco Universal Drain Cover With Over Flow Cover

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Watco Universal Drain Cover with Over Flow Cover

The Watco Universal NuFit is the quickest, easiest, most economical way to replace old, corroded, worn-out tub drains. This makes it ideal for adding new life and appeal to bathtubs in minutes. This Universal NuFit comes in a Chrome Plated Finish. 3/8 in. to 5/16 in. Combo Pin.

  • Easy to clean
  • Innovator overflow
  • Do not have to remove existing tub drain
  • Grid strainer to catch hair or foreign objects from going into the drain
  • Simple & Quick Bath Drain Installation
  • Install a one size fits all bathtub drain in minutes
  • No difficult, time-consuming work
  • Install a shiny new drain and stopper in just a few minutes
  • Eliminates risk of damage and extensive repairs
  • Installs with silicone adhesive or a pin adapter for those drains that have cross bars with threads
  • Includes innovator snap-on overflow plate