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Ekopel 2K Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Recast A Tub With Surround?

Can I Recast A Shower Stall Or Stand Up Shower With Ekopel?

Can I Recast Tile With Ekopel?

Will Ekopel work for my type of bathtub?

Can I use Ekopel for acrylic (plastic) bathtub?

How much material do I need to recast the bathtub?

My bathtub is larger than standard size (Garden Tub/ Large 2 Person Jacuzzi). Is there enough material for me?

I want to recast a shower pan. How much material do I need?

What do I need additionally to renovate bathtub?

How to prepare the bathroom before applying the material?

How do I properly mix Ekopel?

Should the silicone be removed from the edges of the bathtub?

Is it necessary to remove soap scum and limescale from the bathtub?

The bathtub was covered with paint. Is it necessary to remove the old paint?

There is rust on my bathtub. Should it be removed and how?

Is it possible to repair a chipped surface on the bathtub using this material?

My bathtub has chips, grooves, cracks. Will this material cover them?

Can silicone be applied on the material?

My bathtub has some places where enamel is worn down to the metal. Do I need to do something extra?

Water from a closed faucet leaks into the bathtub. Will it interfere with the recasting?

With what and how is Ekopel applied?

In what proportion should the material be mixed?

When should the masking tape be removed from the bathtub?

When can I use the bathtub again?

Can the window be opened while the material is drying?

What should be done when dust or insects have got on the surface of the bathtub?

After drying the bathtub, I discovered paint run, drips or bumps. What should I do?

I dropped a heavy object in the bathtub and a chip is appeared. What should I do?

How to clean Ekopel off of wall tiles, flooring, or drain?

Should the drain be disconnected?

How to prevent Ekopel from going into the drain?

How to clean and maintain your new tub?

What temperature be in the bathroom for Ekopel to flow well?

Is the material dangerous to health?

Does the material smell?

Where should containers be disposed?

What is the expiration date? What kind storage conditions does material have?

Is it possible to color your hair in the bathtub?

Is it possible to use colored bath additives (salt, foam)?

What colors does Ekopel come in?

How long will the new coating last?

Yellowish Stain