Ekopel 2K Tips and FAQs

Ekopel Uses

Can I use Ekopel on any bathtub?

Ekopel adheres to any bathtub substrate: cast iron, steel, previously painted, ceramic, and fiberglass.

How much Ekopel do I need to recast my bathtub?

In order to recast a standard size bathtub, 1 kit of Ekopel is needed. For a tub with surround walls you would need 2 Full Kits.

My bathtub is larger than standard size (garden tub or 2 person Jacuzzi, for example). How much Ekopel do I need?

Our kit is designed for a standard bathtub. In your case, you need one full size gallon kit and additional 1/2 gallon size kit (sold as the sink kit).

I want to recast a shower pan. How much Ekopel do I need?

To recast a shower pan only, our 1/2 gallon kit will be the perfect size (sold as the sink kit).

How do I recast my tub and surround together?

The way we resurface tub and surround units on a pro installation is by mixing and pouring 2 Ekopel kits starting at the top of the unit. Two kits need to be used at once and the walls must be leveled out quickly to prevent drip marks. The full instructions are listed in our surround kit product listing. We also have a Bathtub & Surround Kit video posted under our Training Videos tab.

Video Explanation

Can I recast tile with Ekopel?

The way we resurface tub and surround units on a pro installation is by mixing and pouring 2 Ekopel kits starting at the top of the unit. Two kits need to be used at once and the walls must be leveled out quickly to prevent drip marks. The full instructions are listed in our surround kit product listing. 

Can Ekopel be used on tile floors?

Yes, ekopel can be used on tiles floors as ekopel can be used on any type of tile.

Bathtub Prep

Should I remove any old bathtub paint before applying Ekopel?

Yes. Paint, which peels off from the bathtub, should be removed in order for the new layer to have good adhesion and not peel off in the future. You can scrape off the peeling areas then use 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out chips and edges.  If it continues to peel or it won't smooth out, we recommend using paint stripper to fully remove your old bathtub paint.

Should I remove rust before applying Ekopel?

Absolutely, the rust must be removed. Use sandpaper and then wash and dry well before applying Ekopel.

Is it necessary to remove soap scum and limescale from the bathtub?

Yes. All soap scum and limescale must be removed. To do so, we recommend scrubbing with Lysol power toilet cleaner. If the cleaner does not completely clean the limescale, the remains should be removed using sandpaper.

Should the silicone be removed from the edges of the bathtub?

Yes. Silicone must be removed completely. If the material is applied on a surface where silicone is not removed, the material may peel off.

My bathtub has chips, grooves, cracks. Will this material cover them?

If your tub has chips in the surface, they need to be filled with Epoxy or Bondo filler (purchased separately in any DIY-store). After the Epoxy or Bondo dries, smooth out the area by using sandpaper.

My bathtub has some places where the enamel is worn down to the metal. Do I need to do something extra?

The Ekopel will seal and bond directly to the metal. Before applying, make sure that any rust is removed. Grooves can be leveled using Bondo or Epoxy filler (purchased separately in any DIY-store).

Water from a closed faucet leaks into the bathtub. Will it interfere with the recasting?

It is necessary to eliminate the leakage, or turn off the water during the work and drying period to prevent water from getting on the bathtub surface.

Do you have to remove all of the old finish?

No, we recommend peeling up what you can, hen sand the rest smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper. Can fill any cracks, chips, holes, dents, or pitted areas with car bondo and then sand smooth again. 

How do I prep for pouring?

Sand the unit smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper. Even if its smooth quick sand it. From there you will want to etch and deep clean with Lysol Power or any toilet bowl cleaner that has hydrochloric acid in it. This will etch and deep clean the surface. You can fill any cracks, chips, holes, dents, or pitted areas with automotive bondo and then sand smooth for a more level finish. Then you can tape up and start to pour.

Is the primer needed?

We recommend it for bad rust spots, places fixed with bondo, or just for extra pre-caution. The primer will ensure a good, long lasting bond. Remember that a little goes a long way; the 5oz bottle will be plenty for a bathtub and surround unit.

How much primer is needed for a bathtub and surround?

A little goes a long way when it comes to our primer. The 5ox bottle will be plenty for a tuba nd surround unit.

How much material do I need for a clawfoot tub?

If you are doing the inside and outside of a clawfoot tub you will need our 2 pack kit. Use 1 gallon on 1 side then let fully dry and then flip to the other side and use the other gallon. If you were to just do the insde then you would just need the 1 gallon kit.

Why can't I use an electric mixer to mix?

If you use an electric mixer it will cause bubbling and fisheyes. Ekopel has to be hand mixed for it to work properly.

What is the size of a standard tub?

A standard size bathtub is 60 inches long. 30-32 inches wide or 5ft long and 2.5-2.7 ft wide.

When do I re-caulk?

You can go back in after 36-48 hours from when you poured and  re-caulk. You will want to make sure you do this or water can get up under the finish and cause issues further down the road.

How to Apply

What else do I need to recast my bathtub?

For your convenience, we have put together basic materials and tools into Ekopel 2k kit. Additionally, you will need: a roll of masking tape, roll of plastic or paper to protect the floor, blow dryer/heat gun, a knife, a brush to wash the bathtub, paper towels, and a solvent (isopropyl alcohol or acetone) to clean possible dirt or run off. We recommend that you wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty!

We also have our Pro Install Kit available.

What is the proper bathroom temperature for applying Ekopel?

You should maintain at least + 72ºF one day before and during work. It is also recommended to heat the material to + 75-80ºF by placing a bucket with component A in a sink with hot water or placing the bucket next to the radiator a day before use.

How do I prepare my bathroom before I apply Ekopel?

Remove all items from the bathroom (towels, bathrobes, personal care products) and thoroughly vacuum the walls, ceiling, shelves and other places where dust would collect. This will help to avoid the dust from getting into the coating. Close the window so that insects do not come in and get into the coating. Prevent animals from entering the bathroom during the work and after, while the material is drying. Maintain the temperature in the bathroom atno less then 72 degrees for one day before the work, at the time of the work, and for 24 hours after applying the material.Save

Should I disconnect the drain from the bathtub?

If it is possible to disconnect the bath drain, we recommend doing it. It may be possible to disconnect the plastic pipe independently through the access panel. If you cannot remove the bath drain, then close the drain hole as discussed next.

How to prevent Ekopel from going into the drain?

Fill the drain hole with a paper towel. Then, seal the bathtub drain tightly with masking tape and carefully cut the masking tape along the contour of the bathtub drain. Disconnect or seal the upper part of bathtub drain pipe with masking tape.

Creating a dam with masking tape or a plastic cup can help make final steps a little faster and easier.

How do I properly mix Ekopel?

Place component A in a warm place for 24 hours (for example, near to radiator). This will help greatly with the mixing process. The thicker component A must be mixed thoroughly with the liquid component B. 

Pour the entire container of component B into the bucket with component A. Mix using a wooden stick (wooden paint stick, for example). Stir for 10 minutes. Pay special attention to the sides and bottom of the bucket to make sure that there are no remains of unmixed material. Then wait for 5 minutes and mix the material again for 2 minutes. Now your material is ready for application. For additional information, please see the video how to mix the material.

How do I apply Ekopel?

Ekopel is poured onto the bathtub, then leveled out with a foam roller.

Be sure to watch our in depth video walk-thoughs to learn all the tips and tricks for best results.

Can the window be opened while the material is drying?

We do not recommend opening the window, because dust, dirt and insects can get onto the surface that has not yet dried up.

When should the masking tape be removed from the bathtub?

Masking tape, which is glued to the wall of the bathtub and located above the coating, should be removed immediately after applying the material. The masking tape, which protects the bathtub's "front apron" as well as tape covering the drain should be removed after the material stops dripping, which is about 5-6 hours after application.

Can silicone be applied on the material?

Silicone can be applied to the hardened material.

When can I use the bathtub again after applying Ekopel?

After 24 hours, if the temperature in the bathroom is no less than 72ºF, the material becomes sufficiently hard enough to take a bath. If the temperature is 70ºF, than bathtub can be used in 36 hours after application.

It is recommended to place pots, bottles with shampoo, and clean pets in the bathroom, in 7 days after application. Usage of colorants, such as hair colorant, various products with colorant which are used for taking a bath can be used in 14 days after application.

When do I remove the tape?

Peel the tape around the drain area after 1 hour. Then babysit it for the next 4-5 hours making sure no material gets in or moves towards the drain. Can wipe away any excess material with a lint free cloth or paper towel. After the 4-5 hours you can remove the rest of the tape. At hour 4-5 is when the material is still tacky and wet but has stopped moving.

When do I put the drain back in?

You will want the finish to be fully dry and hardened before putting the drain back in. We recommend waiting 36-48 hours before putting the drain in to allow the material to fully dry and harden.

Product Information

How to clean and maintain your new tub after Ekopel Refinish?

We recommend scrubbing bubbles and tilex to our customers.  For in depth cleaning magic eraser works well also.  Any acrylic safe non abrasive cleaner is the best option.

Long term we recommend quarterly polish coats with our Bathtub Wax.  This helps keep the tub easy to clean and prevents the need for hard scrubbing which wears down the shine over time.

How Long Do Ekopel Bathtub Coatings Last For?

The coating can last for 15-20 years or more if all recommendations for applying the material and careful operation of the bathtub is complied.

Avoiding abrasive cleaners and quarterly polishing and continue Ekopel's life indefinitely.

What colors does Ekopel come in?

Tints are only available if you ask. Tints are $50.00 and all our tints are non refundable and non returnable. We can tint Ekopel to be Light Grey, Dark Grey, Almond, and Bisk. To order a tint call or email us. 

Proper Ekopel Part A vs Part B Proportions?

The amount of components A and B inside the package is clearly calculated for mixing. Mixing ratio by weight (A:B) = 100:17

Packaging is typically sized for full kit use.

What is the Ekopel expiration date? How to store properly.

The shelf life is 2 years. Store the product in a dry place, in a firmly closed container, at the temperature +50 to +70ºF. If the product gets frozen, it must be stored in a warm place for 24 hours before it can be used.

Where should containers be disposed?

Cured material can be disposed as general household waste. Mix residues of liquid components together and, after curing, dispose it as household waste.

Do Ekopel Bath Refinishing Products Smell?

The substance does not have caustic taste; the smell is very light, not intense. It does not absorb by clothes and disappears quickly.

It smells like spray cleaner, once mixed well any smell disappears.

Are Ekopel Refinishing Products Dangerous to health?

The material has been tested by the German Institute ISEGA and complies with the standards DIN EN 71-3 (Safe for children) and it is harmless when it comes into contact with skin. During the mixing and application of the material, we recommend using standard protection equipment for skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

Is it possible to color your hair in the bathtub?

It is allowed to color your hair in the bathtub in 14 days after the application the material. However, it is necessary to wash the bathtub immediately after using the colorant so that the colorant does not go into the material.

Is it possible to use colored bath additives (salt, foam)?

It is allowed to use bath additives in 14 days after application of material. However, it is necessary to wash the bath after their use to prevent the paint to get into the material.

What is the Non-Slip Kit?

The Non-Slip kit is ekopel 2k with a sand like pigment added in to give you grip. Its rough enough that you have grip and won't fall, but soft enough where you can bath and it won't cut or hurt you. You would apply the Non-Slip kit over the new ekopel surface after it's fully dry or to the bottom of a regular bathtub floor.

How rough is the Non-Slip Kit?

It's rough enough that you have grip and won't fall. But gentle enough where it's not going to cut or hurt you. You can conferrable bath on this non slip surfafce.

How thick does Ekopel dry?

Ekopel is a very thick product, it's one of the things that makes it so durable. Ekopel dries about an eight of an inch thick. 

Missing Scooper Box

We have discontinued the old scooper boxes that are inside the box. The new ones are the wings of the box. Their should be a label that says "cut for scoop." These new scoopers should work better and last longer than the old ones did.

Will the wax make it slippery?

No, the wax won't make the tub slippery if it's applied properly. 

Is the Bathmat machine washable?

Yes it is, but we still recommend rinsing the mat off and hanging it to dry after each shower.

What is the drying and curing time?

The dry time is 24-36 hours. The cure time can take up to 30 days, but the cure time doesn't affect when you can use ekopel. You can use ekopel when its fully dry and hared so about 36 hours from when you poured.

Is Ekopel heat resistant?

Ekopel can handle some heat, but ekopel can be burned and is not heat resistant. You will want to be careful with hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. as they can burn and melt the material.

What is the finish?

Ekopel 2k is a glossy, shiny, smooth finish. Ekopel does not come in matte.

Does Ekopel have a warranty or guarantee?

There is no warranty or guarantee with ekopel products. We do have the customer service agents available to help assist with any mistakes on the chat or give us a call.

Can I tint Ekopel?

We do not recommend tinting ekopel as it's a very thick product and very difficult to tint, can't get any crazy colors.

Can you apply a second coat of ekopel?

Yes, ekopel will stick to itself, so you could do a second coat of ekopel if desired. But keep in mind ekopel is a very thick product, so you may not need or want the second coat.

How to remove Ekopel from unwanted areas?

If you have ekopel in an unwanted area like the floor can heat up the area with a heat gun or hair dryer, and then scrape off what you can then scrape off what you can. From there use acetone to get the rest off. If its on your hands use ace tone with soap and water.


How to clean Ekopel off of wall tiles, flooring, or drain?

If the material has not yet hardened, it can be cleaned with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. If the material has hardened, heat this place with a dryer and scrape the material with a knife.

What should be done when dust or insects have got on the surface of the bathtub?

To remove an insect easily, heat this place by blow dryer and remove the insect with a sharp object. After cooling, polish this place with a soft cloth with rubbing compound. If a deep hole remains, use our ekopel  touch up kit to repair. Places where a lot of dust can also be polished with a soft cloth and rubbing compound.

I discovered paint run, drips or bumps after applying Ekopel. What should I do?

Drips, sags, irregularities can be levelled, using 400 grit sandpaper, and then sand these places with a soft cloth and rubbing compound. If the defects have not disappeared, then another way to fix the bathtub is to sand down the whole unit smooth and recoat with a full kit of Ekopel 2k.

Yellowish Stain after Ekopel Application?

Yellowish stains are caused by not mixing the product well enough for long enough. The Part B will rise to the top hence the yellow spots. To get rid of the stains you can try a Mr. clean magic eraser and baking soda. That is the only thing we have found that will remove the yellow stains. 

I dropped a heavy object in the bathtub and a chip is appeared. What should I do?

The chip needs to be repaired immediately. If this is not done, water can get through the chip under the paint and the Ekopel could peel off. To repair the chip, use our Ekopel Touch Up Kit.

How to fix drip marks

To fix a drip mark sand the affected areas smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper by hand then if you don't need more material go to 600 grit then 1500 grit then use any car buffing compound to bring the shine back. 

How to fix streaks?

Streaks are often confused with drip marks. Streaks are when the material didn't fully cover, or covered a little thin in an area and look streaky. We recommend sanding the affected area smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper, make sure its smooth to the touch or it will mirror the affected area. Then use our pour on touch up kit to fix.

Orange peel texture?

This can be caused from the room temp being too hot or humid. It can also be caused from over working the material too late in the process. I would recommend sanding the affected areas smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper by hand then if you don't need more material go to 600 then 1500 then use any car buffing compound to bring the shine back. If after sanding you do need more material then use our pour on touch up kit to fix.

Still tacky 2 days later?

This can be caused from a mixing issue, if the Part A and B aren't mixed well enough for long enough. If you didn't use any Part B that would cause the whole project not to dry, or if you were to roll the lid where no Part B was. If the room temp is too cold this can also cause the material not to dry. To fix this issue can scrape off the tacky material, then sand smooth if needed, then re-pour the affected areas with our pour on touch up kit.

Bubbles form months later?

This can be caused from water getting up under the finish. Which can happen from not re-caulking the tub when done with the application. Or if there was a chip or crack that wasn't repaired. To fix this we recommend peeling up any loose peices, sand smooth then re-coat the affected areas.

Product hardened too fast?

Ekopel dries in 24-36 hours. Once you mix that Part B into A you only have about 45 minutes to 1 hour to work with the material and get it on your project. After that the material becomes too difficult to work with. You must also pour the material immeditely after mixing. If you were to leave the material mixed in the can it would get really hot and begin to harden in the can, so make sure to mix and pour immeditely. 

Why did my non-slip come out smooth?

If you poured your non slip on too thick it can come out smooth. To fix we would recommend getting another kit and re-pouring a little thinner this time.

Yellowed Bathmat?

Can be caused from not pulling up the mat up after each shower, rinsing it off, and hanging to dry. Can also be caused from water or chemicals in your shower products like shampoo conditioner, etc.

How to remove unwanted ekopel?

If you have ekopel in an unwanted area like the floor can heat up the area with a heat gun or hair dryer, and then scrape off what you can then scrape off what you can. From there use acetone to get the rest off. If its on your hands use ace tone with soap and water.

Drain Issues

If you don't remove the tape around the drain at hour 4-5 then the material can flow over the drain and completely cover it up. If this happens use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the drain area up and score around the drain where the drain hole is. If this doesn't work then can use a dermal tool and cut it out. From there you can sand any affected areas smooth to the touch with 220-320 grit sandpaper and buff it out or use our pour on touch up kit if needed. If you get ekopel in the drain try and heat it up with a heat gun or hair dryer and scrape out what you can. If you can't get anything out you will have to call a plumber to replace the pipes. If the area around the drain is polled and a little thick you can sand it how you want with 220-320 grit sand apper then go to 600 then 1500 grit then use any car buffing compound to bring the shine back.

YouTube 20% off code not working?

This code expired over 3 years ago and we are no longer accepting this promo code. We have kept the video up because it's still a really good video to refer to with lots of helpful info.