20 Times Thicker

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20 Times Thicker

20 Times Thicker

By Sarah Boudreau
   Why would the thickness of an epoxy matter? In short, it impacts the long term quality and durability of the product. A refinishing urethane, for instance, lays down a surface comparable to a sheet of paper.  Other epoxies at best will lay 1/16" in your tub.  What does that mean to your tub? Chipping, peeling, bubbling, cracking within a few years.  
    Pabrec products are 20 times thicker than your average competitor. Pabrec products dry 1/8'' thick. We make it this way so your bathtub lasts up to 20 years without defect. Pabrec's Ekopel 2k, soon to be rebranded as Pabrec 2k, is like a bathtub in a can. 
    When you recast your bathtub, shower, or sink, it should last. Thin cheap products that will peel and not hold up to the wear and tear are not your best option. Not to mention you won't kill yourself applying it. Pabrec Ekopel 2k is odorless, eco friendly, and pet safe! Made with no toxins or harsh chemicals, you can use it without worrying about breathing in dangerous chemicals. How long does 1/8" take to dry?  Pabrec Ekopel 2k will dry in just 24-36 hours! Pour it and use it the next day.  
    With a product this great, why replace, why refinish, when you can recast?!


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