Slippery When Wet

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Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet 

By: Sarah Boudreau 
70,500 people over the age of fifteen visit the ER every year in the US due to a bath or shower slip. Eighty seven of them on average die from the trauma. Bathtub and shower slips are a real danger. A non-slip measure can greatly reduce this risk. Refinished Bath Solutions offers the Original Refinished Bath Mat and an Ekopel based Non-Slip. Let's break it down so you can decide for yourself which is the better fit for you. 
The Original Refinished Bath Mat is safe for all sages. It has reversible suction cups to prevent damage refinished and recasted bathtubs. It's washable with warm water and is engineered to be mold and scum resistant. The comfort factor is a major bonus too. The mat offers instant gratification as the only assembly required, is to unwrap and lay it down. Coming soon we will offer pink, blue, beige, and gray mats in addition to white if you want to get fancy. 
Over time it is inevitable, however. Your favorite bath mat you have ever had, wears out. You can buy another or or a more long term solution, particularly you apartment and hotel owners out there, the Non-Slip is a better option. Our Non-Slip pairs nicely with an Ekopel 2K recasted tub or over your existing tub. Like our DIY tub kit, the non-slip is a two part epoxy that is poured onto the floor of the bathtub. The special material within will enable you to create a texture easily with a foam roller. The Non-Slip is tintable for color match. It's a quick job that will last five to ten years! With minimal elbow grease you have yet another great option. 
Now that you know all the facts, make an educated decision on which product fits you best. No sense splitting your noggin. 


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