Things you Should Know Before you Buy!

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Things you Should Know Before you Buy!

By: April Greenlaw

In this weeks blog we will be going over some things that you will want to know about epoxy products before you buy. You'll need to make the right decision on which epoxy is best fits your needs and project needs. There are some steps you should take to information yourself before purchasing epoxy for your next project! There are a lot of frequently asked questions once people buy our Ekopel 2K products. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit that checkout button.

First step is to know your products! You want to be sure you read up on the product that you are buying before you buy it. You will want to make sure the epoxy your getting will be right for your type of project. You wouldn't want to use a toxic epoxy on something you would eat off of. You would need the food safe epoxy coating. Make sure you are reading all the information about what type of project your epoxy would work on. How much material you would need for your project. If it's a toxic epoxy what precautions are needed. Doing some research and asking questions beforehand can save you a lot of time, effort, and headache in the end! 

The second step to take is read all the instructions!! Before you jump into your first project it is always important to read instructions carefully! Working with epoxies is like a science. If one thing is off your whole project will be off. Also not all epoxies are the same, some are non toxic and don't need much precaution to be taken. Some are very toxic and dangerous to work with if proper precautions aren't taken. The best way to learn about your product is to read up on it and know how it works. Ekopel 2K is a safe and easy way to refinish any surface! Ekopel 2K is a great non toxic, odorless, eco friendly alternative to others epoxies on the market! Knowing everything from mixing time to dry time is very important regarding your finished product!


Third you will need to know your measurements. It's important to know your measurement so you don't run out of material for your project. You also don't want to have to stretch the material, it could cause yellowing and streaking.  Some people like to order more so they can measure it out and use it as a touch up kit, or save for a separate project. Some people like to order the exact amount. It's really up to the customer and there projects. Regardless of the project you will need to know the size of your project. This is so you can refer to the measurement chart for the proper coverage. Guessing could make a very sad end result.  The most common mistake you can make is thinking you have enough product to cover an area, and not actually having the proper amount.


The last step to take is know the tools of the trade. With most epoxies there are different types of tools you may need as well as proper prep work. It really depends on the project. Ekopel 2K there are few things you will need to have before starting your new project to make life easier! For example with Ekopel 2K you will needed 220-320 grit sandpaper, Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Gloves, etc. This goes along with knowing your products and reading instructions before jumping in, so you are properly prepared! Now you know the four most important step to take before you buy and use epoxy that's right for you and your family! Shop safe and smart shop!!

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