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Breaking News!

Breaking News!

By: April Greenlaw

This just in from the Refinished Bath Solutions Crew!! Have you experienced brownish staining or dark brown staining in your tub after you have applied the Ekopel 2K product? You were able to fix this issue on your own with a few different hacks. It seemed to be a rare problem at first then it started to reoccur more and more. This is when we decided to get some testing done to solve this problem. Here is what you will need to know about what causes this problem, and how to prevent this from happening. 

Refinished Bath Solutions has spent months doing lab testing trying to solve this reoccurring issue. Finally after 6 months of testing we have what causes this issue, and a way to prevent this staining from happening for good!! The cause of this issue is the material isn't getting mixed enough. When there is no 2 minutes rest time foam rises to top and separates from Part A and Part B. When the material isn't mixed well enough and you pour and self level it leaves micro bubbles. micro Bubbles are unmixed in Part B Micro Bubbles. As air hits the material it turns brown and oxidizes. This usually happens during the curing process which takes about 30 days for the tub to fully cure. Remember dry time is different than cure time!!

This is what you want to do to prevent this issue from happening: Add an extra step at the end of the application process. All you have to do is make sure to go back in with a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer, this will pop these Micro Foam Bubbles and prevent staining. You will want to do this to the very bottom of the tub where they mostly appear and then go over the entire tub and surround if there is one. This is to ensure you won't get any staining and will have a flawless finish!!! For more information on this issue and how to fix after you've gotten staining refer to this video: 

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