How to Restore a Clawfoot Tub

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How to Restore a Clawfoot Tub

So, you have this super old, nasty, and rust-stained clawfoot bathtub. You don't want to throw something this old and cool away, but it is an unusable eye-soar. Is something like this even fixable? Hmmm what to do.... What if you could resurrect this antique to its original beauty? You can with Ekopel 2K!

How to RECAST a clawfoot tub:

1. Evaluate the shape or condition that the bathtub is in. If it has minor rust, holes, cracks, chips or dents they are fixable. If there are small holes or chips, hit it with some Car Bondo and sand smooth.
2. If previously sprayed, peel up what you can of the old finish. If not skip to step three.
3. Sand your tub smooth with 400 grit sandpaper
4. Deep clean the tub. You can use Lysol Power or any toilet bowl cleaner that has Hydrochloric Acid in it. This will ensure there is no soap scum left over will etch the surface.
5. Use our Bathtub Primer over any rusty spots or filled repairs. This will assure adherence. If you would like to hit the whole tub, have at it.
6. Remove the drain and hardware.
7. Mask and cover the work area to prevent spillage or sloppy lines.

Alright, the hard work is over. Time for the fun part.

8. Mix up one can of Ekopel (a/b) per recommend mix times.
9. Pour the outside! See our videos for tips.
10. 24-36 hours later, Mix up can two.
11. Pour the inside!
12. 24-36 hours later hook up the hardware and enjoy a classy, glossy, and luxurious new clawfoot bathtub!

Cost of new cast iron clawfoot- $1,200-$1,500

Cost of RECASTED clawfoot- $300


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