Clean Up!

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Clean Up!

Clean Up! 

By: April Greenlaw

Wondering how to make the cleanup process a little easier? Or maybe how to prep beforehand to make this an easy clean up project?! Here are some tips and steps to take to prepare for a smooth and painless cleaning process for your tub recasting projects.

First we recommend taping off areas that do not need to be recasted.  Along with taping off areas like the drain and the walls of the tub, you will want to use a plastic furniture covering or paper roll. This is to make sure the floors are protected and easy to clean when you are finished. You want to tape the plastic or paper ⅛ of an inch onto the tub with duct tape or painters tape. Let a decent amount onto the floor so we have easy cleanup and have plenty of protection. This will ensure that these areas are not going to be recasted or messy. When you remove the tape and furniture coverings it will be ready to use and no mess to clean!

An easy tip for when Ekopel 2K ends up in an unwanted area. If this happens don’t freak out it can be removed. If the material has already hardened we suggest that you heat the affected areas up with a heat gun or hair dryer. Next use something to scrape off the excess material from the affected areas. Use acetone or isopropyl alcohol to wipe off areas of material that have not yet hardened. Nail Polish Remover may work as well. 

What to do with all that leftover material when finished? If you have enough left over material with enough time left to spare then, you could recast a small sink or counter. The best way to dispose of any extra material when cured, is simply throw in any household waste bin. No extra steps here just simply throw away.

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  • Lillian Berry

    We live in Canada. We have just refinished our bath tub with ekopel. What cleaner is recommended for usual cleaning of the bathtub after a bath? Commercial names of products would be helpful. Thanks

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