Making A Cupcake Stand From Ekopel 2K!

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Making A Cupcake Stand From Ekopel 2K!

By: April Greenlaw

Welcome back to our craft series!! There are so many possibilities with Ekopel 2K and other great epoxy resins! In this weeks craft edition blog, we will be going over how to make a cupcake stand. We will tell you what you need, cool things to add and get creative with. We will walk you through the process on how to make it. You could do this with Ekopel 2K, or other great epoxy resins! 

Serve up your cupcakes in style with this awesome glitter cupcake stand! When it comes to throwing a party people like to go all out. If this is you when it comes to parties, then is is the DIY for you!!  We used silver glitter, but you can add multiple different things to make it look pretty. Some people like to use sprinkles, you can use dried flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless! This is a perfect addition to any party you are hosting! 

Supplies you will need can vary a little depending on your preferences are. We used a kit that included the silicone mold and the medal pieces. You can find many kits like these online and at your local craft store. Your other option is getting a cake stand from your local store like Walmart, and coat it with the epoxy. Next you will need Ekopel 2K or another great epoxy. If your epoxy is not non toxic or food safe you would need to getting a food safe coating. This is to prevent any toxins from contaminating the food. You wouldn't want someone to get sick!! Fourth you will want to get the add in. Here is the part where you can get creative and make your cupcake stand you!! Some popular things to add as already mentions are dried flowers, and sprinkles, glitter, etc. Next you will need either a heat gun or hair dryer to pop all the bubbles. You will also need gloves, and a stir stick for this project. 

Let get started!! Start by laying out everything you will need. It makes the process go a lot smooth, then running around last second. You will want to then mixing the Ekopel 2K or epoxy according to the directions. If your using a silicone mold and want a cool bottom, you can add some glitter on the bottom of your mold. Then pour the ekopel 2K on top of the glitter. This will make the bottom look just as pretty as the top! Then you could swirl the glitter around and make a design. We just poured so it would be a solid white. We poured bigger chunky glitter on the edges. You could do a finer glitter for a different look. You can also add the glitter directly to the mixture and see what happens. Ensure your stand or mold is on a flat surface. If your using a stand, pour the resin over your stand just up to the lip. If the stand does not have a lip, pour to where it almost comes to the edge. Next pop any bubbles with a heat gun or hair dryer. Then let dry and harden for at least 24 -36 hours. If you used an epoxy that's not food safe, now would be the time for you to add the food safe coating on top of the other coating. Then allow to dry for a second time and enjoy!!

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