Bathtubs Weren't Made During the World War I?

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Bathtubs Weren't Made During the World War I?

By: Sarah Spooner

Hi and welcome back to another Refinished Bath Solutions blog. Today we will be giving a little bit of a history lesson. We will be talking about why bathtubs were not made during World War I. I know crazy right?! But it's true bathtubs were not made during the war. Let's talk about why!!

 In the 19th Century bathtubs were a social mark or social sanding. Bathtubs were considered a luxury. If you had a bathtub in your home you were very wealthy and had servants. In this time period they had clawfoot tubs. This styles of these tubs had a very detailed and intricate designs, with ornate feet to match the tubs designs. When World War I hit these tubs were melted down and used for popular wartime commodities, like weapons or other wartime supplies. During World War I they needed all the metal materials they could get. 

In the 1950s and 1960s is when builders decided to replace free standing tubs with built in tubs. It was made to save space. And made out of material that was easier to clean. These style tubs came in different colors. These tubs are the old pink, or blue crazy colored tubs you see today. 

Now you know bathtubs were not made during World War I. Why were bathtubs not made during World War I? And when the built in colored tubs came to be. That is your history lesson from us, and your fun facts for the week! We hope you enjoyed this week's blog, and will join us next week for another Refinished Bath Solutions Blog!!


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