Easiest Way To Replace Your Old Drain!

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Easiest Way To Replace Your Old Drain!

What’s the easiest way to replace your drain? Well the easiest way to replace your old drain is to, get our Watco Universal Drain Cover with overflow cover. It’s the quickest, easiest, most economical way to replace old, corroded, worn-out tub drains. This makes it ideal for adding new life and appeal to bathtubs in minutes. It’s easy to install and take care of! Don’t refinish your bathroom without a new drain too!

This universal NuFit comes in chrome plated finish. It’s light in weight but great quality! It’s 3-8 in -5/16 in with a combo pin. It also included an innovator snap-on overflow plate. No more difficult times installing your drain! Now it takes a matter of minutes with our Watco Drain. It has an innovative overflow, you don’t have to remove existing tub and drain. You install our drain with a silicone adhesive or a pin adapter. The adapter is for drains with cross bars with threads. This eliminates risk of damage or extensive repairs. This drain is so easy to clean too! Which frees up more you time! It has a grid strainer to catch hair or foreign objects from going into the drain. No more digging the hair out of your old drain, we all know that’s not fun. Now just empty the grid strainer! With Watco Drain making life easier, why not get a new drain?!

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