Ekopel Now Made In The USA?!

Aug 06 , 2021

We are Proud to announce we have finally completed our contract to purchase Ekopel 2K. We now own the full trademark and formula for all the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Latin America, South America, and all Caribbean Nations. We are looking for new Installers in all of these territories. We are also looking for new distributions. In the USA we are looking for retailers interested in carrying the line of Ekopel 2K product. In all other territories we are looking for amazon, retail, and wholesale distributors. Keep reading to learn more!!

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  • 06 Aug 2021 boris

    I’m trying to purchase the sink and shower pan size product. where the heck are they selling. I need the product yesterday…
    Please call me and tell me where I can pick up the item.
    Boris 714-612-9288

  • 06 Aug 2021 Ginger

    I have painted 4 tubs with this product and simply LOVE. The tub I did 1999 now is pealing and now ware is under paint and lifting up paint. NONE of the other tubs have a problem at all….how do I get the remaining chipped paint off and do I just repaint to reseal? Tu for your help…

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