Ekopel Now Made In The USA?!

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Ekopel Now Made In The USA?!

By: Sarah Spooner

Refinished Bath Solutions is proud to announce that we have finally closed out our contract and own the full rights for distribution, trade mark, full EVERYTHING!! This means that Ekopel 2K will get made right here in the USA right out of our New Hampshire manufacturing facility. As soon as this current batch is empty we will have the ekopel USA products. We have already ordered material in high volumes. Our manufacturing team is working hard on our first full production batch. This batch will be ready the first week of October 2021. We have our pump machines ready to go, and will be showing you some steps, and how we package it right here in New Hampshire! The whole process will now be done here in the USA now!! 

Refinished Bath Solutions is looking for new distributors and installers. We are happy to help with distributing the product. For any new installers or installers wanting to use Ekopel, customers have definitely been looking at our HIRE A PRO tab. Businesses don't yet seem ready to make the switch yet from sprays. Sprays are a lot cheaper. But Ekopel is going to last a lot longer than sprays will.

One of our most frequently asked questions by installers is will I go out of business using Ekopel? What we are doing for that is putting Handyman, Contractor etc. on our website for people to search. Customers type their area codes in and search their area to see if there is an installer near them to hire. Most installers charge anywhere between $300 - $500 to install that's not including the ekopel product. Installers can ask the customers to buy the product and offer the install as a service. You may think it's a high price but it's a fair price. The work will take anywhere between 4-6 hours to complete the project. Which is fair for your time. If you hire a  painter, electrician, plumber, etc. It's going to cost that much, so it's a fair ask to install a high quality product that's going to last a long time and not peel. After doing a couple units you'll be able to consistently push them out. 

In the past 30 days we have had 1800 views for hiring an installer. New York, Florida, and California are the biggest states that request it.  Also had high traffic in Michigan and Colorado. Anyone who wants to get added to the installer list go to our HIRE A PRO tab, go to the bottom of the page, and fill out the contact boxes. From there we will add you to the page.   https://refinishedbathsolutions.com/pages/ekopel-installer-locator So if you want to get added to the list all you have to do is submit your info and we'll add you to the vendor list. So far we've added our biggest buyers that are actual companies that do this and only this and they have had great responses from these searches!

If you are looking to be a distributor for us we sell exclusively on our website and Amazon. If you search on Google you will find ekopel Home depot, ekopel Lowes, ekopel Sherman Williams. All of these places would be great places to buy our product, but we are not yet carried in these stores. To fix this issue we will be presenting Ekopel at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in October 2021 as a preferred vendor.  We will be in the private VIP lounge in the new product section in the new made in the USA section. We will also have a private booth as well. 

Our goal here is to try to make this a lot easier for you to just walk into a store and get it. We are hoping to talk to Ace, Lowes, Home Depot, but the ultimate place for you to get our product would be Sherman Williams. Any Sherman Williams buyers reading this looking for a boutique paint this is a boutique paint product! Kinda expensive but it's great quality. Sherman Williams kinda expensive great quality. Local stores will stock our products if you ask for it. 

If you're interested in international distribution Ekopel USA now supplies Refinished Bath Solutions with Ekopel. Refinished Bath Solutions is the local manufacturing company that's making ekopel. But we don't just own the rights to the USA. We also own the rights to Canada, Mexico, all of central and South America, and all the Caribbean island nations. We are looking for our right distributors in Canada, Mexico, all of South American countries, all Latin American / Caribbean island nations. We get calls and asks daily for this stuff, but if we could find a direct international distributor we would be happy to work with you!! This included our Amazon stock. Here in the US we are only looking  for retail distributors not looking for amazon resellers. We will continue to do that ourselves directly. But if you are a store distributor or retail distributor here in the states, we would love to hear from you and work with you. Feel free to contact us at (877) 882-2278 or sspooner@refinishedbathsolutions.com. 


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  • Ginger

    I have painted 4 tubs with this product and simply LOVE. The tub I did 1999 now is pealing and now ware is under paint and lifting up paint. NONE of the other tubs have a problem at all….how do I get the remaining chipped paint off and do I just repaint to reseal? Tu for your help…

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