DIY Handprint Vase

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DIY Handprint Vase

By: April Greenlaw

Time for another fun and easy craft blog! This week we are going to be making a handprint vase! Which is a great gift idea for a parent or loved one to have as a special keepsake. This handprint vase is a unique piece to add to your decor to have for years to come. You can use any colors you wish, plus any size vase you would like. Just make sure it has a flat front. We will be walking you through the process, and tell you what materials you will need. We will also give you some tips we find helpful. Let's get started!! 

The first thing is deciding what exact project you want to do. Just a basic idea so when you go to the craft store or online shopping you will know exactly what to get. For example what size vase you will need, and what epoxy to use. Some epoxies require ventilation and other precautions to take. Ekopel 2K you don't require ventilation, so make sure to read all the instructions to your epoxy! For this project you will be needing: Epoxy, gloves, stir stick, scissors, tape, paper or plastic covering, a heat gun or hair dryer, flat front vase, an outlining tool, and lastly whatever fun additive you want! The additives are where you can really make your project YOU!! Some people like to tint Ekopel with acrylic paints, with ekopel you can't get any crazy colors, it's too thick. At best you will get pastel colors. Some people like to add glitter, the possibilities are endless!!

Now let's talk about how to make the vase!! Start with setting up your space, and having all the material you will need so nothing gets left out! This makes the process go a lot smoother, and leaves less room for errors. Make sure to put down some plastic or paper to keep the clean up nice and easy. First you want to make your handprint on a piece of paper and cut it out. You want to be able to tape the handprint on the inside of the vase so that way we can trace the outline of it after. Make sure the surface of your vase is nice and clean so we get a good outcome. Now you can use a tracing utensil to trace the outline of the hand as well as the outline of the front of the vase. You want to let this dry completely.

Next you will want to mix your Ekopel 2K or resin of your choice. Always remember when working with epoxies it’s like a science, if one thing is off the whole project could be off. So always read the instructions!! Put small amounts in different cups to add your colorants to create whichever colors you choose! Now for the fun part, start randomly pouring the colored epoxy on the vase front avoiding the handprint area. You can use a toothpick to run through the colors to create a marbling effect then use the stir stick to push the epoxy to the edges further swirling the colors! After you are done and are satisfied with the results of the colors you always want to make sure you give your project enough time to dry while laying down flat. Don't forget to use that heat gun to pop those bubbles at the end of the project as well!

Once everything is nice and dry you can add a little personalization to it. You could add the name of the person, and the year or their age. You can do this off to the side or in the handprint.  I think this is cool to add, so the person who gets this will never forget who this came from. Even keeping it for yourself you will have memories that now last a lifetime! I hope you've enjoyed another edition of our craft blog!! Feel free to comment with new ideas you would like to see done, and we will see you next week!!

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