How To Make A Candle Holder With Ekopel 2K

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How To Make A Candle Holder With Ekopel 2K

How To Make A Candle Holder With Ekopel 2K

By: Xolelwa Gwarube

Welcome back to our DIY blog series!! As we all know, there is so much you can achieve with Ekopel 2K! In this week's blog we will be touching base on how to make a candle holder using epoxy! We will be touching on all the essentials you will need, going through the process of making the candle holder, and alternatives you can use to achieve the perfect candle holder for YOU! Let’s get into it. 

Candle holders give candles character and being able to make your own ensures that your home/space has a touch of your personality and feel. The perfect candle holder can create a sense of serenity and calm in your space and to know that it can be so simple to achieve! You will need Ekopel 2k, a plastic bottle, petroleum jelly or oil, a spoon, rubber gloves, hairdryer and a container the size of the candle you will place in the holder. You can get all of these at your local store or craft store. The fun thing about this is that you can use any plastic bottle to suit your desired candle holder and make it YOU !

You will start by preparing the mold for your candle holder by cutting the bottom of your bottle out. Or cutting it to the desired design of your candle holder.  You will then mix your Ekopel 2K by following the regular instructions which are as follows:  Pour all of Part B into A and thoroughly mix Part A and Part B by hand for 10 minutes. Rest for 5 minute, then mix for another 2-3 minutes. 

Before filling the mold (the part of the plastic bottle you cut out) with the Ekopel 2K, clean your plastic mold and dry. Then lather the bottom of the mold with petroleum jelly or oil. This is to help ease your plastic container from the Ekopel. When you take it out of the mold you created, then you can pour the mixture. Using a spoon, spoon material into the mold. Then place the container that is the size of your candle at the center to allow space for the candle (lather petroleum jelly or oil at the bottom of the container) and leave to dry for 24 to 36 hours. This is to help ease your plastic container from the Ekopel.

After pouring you can go over the material use a heat gun or hair dryer to pop any and all bubbling. Once your candle holder has dried and you have removed the containers that helped create the mold. You can now place your candle at the center and enjoy your candle holder! So have fun with it and happy creating !!

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