How To Refinish A Tub With Ekopel 2K

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How To Refinish A Tub With Ekopel 2K

How To Refinish A Tub With Ekopel 2K

By: Xolelwa  Gwarube

Welcome back to our DIY blog. In this week’s blog we will be discussing how to refinish a tub using Ekopel 2k. We’ll be going over the preparation steps. Everything that you will need for the prep. Cleaning tips, and everything down to you enjoying your beautiful refinished tub. Let’s get right into it!

 So first and foremost, a pivotal step is preparing your tub. You want to ensure that you don’t skip this step and that you do it efficiently, as it affects how your end result will  turn out. When steps are followed properly, your refinish can last up to 20 years! The prep consists of the following steps:  Using 220-320 grit dry sandpaper, and sand by hand until it’s smooth to touch. Then give your tub a deep clean using Lysol Powers or any toilet bowl cleaner that has hydrochloric acid in it. This is an important step as it will etch and deep clean the  tub. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before scrubbing your tub. Next use masking tape or painters tape for the drain and edges.

Create a tape dam around the drain. Finally you will want to set the room temp. Make sure you put your floor covering down for easy clean up. The recommended temperature for the project is 72-75 degrees no higher or lower. To achieve this recommended temperature, you can bring a portable heater or AC unit  into the room with the door closed. (For at least 12 hours prior.) If the temperature is too hot or humid the material won’t want to stick to the tub or  could harden too fast and not self level. If it’s too cold the material won’t want to dry or may take longer to dry. 

Now for the fun part, mixing the product! So Ekopel comes in 2 Parts : Part A and Part B. Don’t be alarmed when you notice Part A and B aren’t full to the brim. As each part is specifically measured out, we leave this space for you to be able to pour all of Part B into A, and mix without a mess. Now to mix ekopel pour all of Part B into A and mix for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes then mix for another 2-3 minutes. Make sure to scrape the sides of the container and the bottom to really get a good mix. From here you will want to pour immediately or the material can get hot in the bucket and begin to harden. 

Finally you will then pour the Ekopel 2K into your tub! Start by pouring the whole container on inside 3 walls. Then scoop excess materials back into the pail. Using a foam roller push excess material from the top rail of the tub, using light pressure. Moving material in pooling areas over any missed stops on walls.  Pour all scooped material onto the front rail, run the roller with light pressure to push material to flow on inside and outside tub walls. Scoop extra and re-pour if needed. Move material up the tub wall. Roll outside tub skirt and any further missed areas. Level out and remove excess from the bottom of the tub. Use Heat Gun or Hair Dryer to pop micro foam bubbles. (This prevents staining while it oxidizes.) 

Last but not least don’t forget the tape!! You will want to remove tape around the drain after 1 hour, and then baby sit it for the next 4-5 hours.  Hourly scoop off / wipe excess material off drain / floor tape, and make sure no material gets into the drain. After the 4-5 hours the material will still be wet or tacky but has stopped moving, so you can remove the rest of the tape from walls. If any material ends up in any unwanted areas you can remove it with acetone or nail polish remover if needed. Let it fully dry and harden for 36-48 hours then re-caulk and ENJOY!!

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