Maintaining Your Finish!

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Maintaining Your Finish!

By: April Greenlaw

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to care for the Ekopel 2K epoxy finish? A lot of people don't want to go ahead and use something too strong and wreck all there hard work. So, in this weeks blog we will be going over what is recommended to use as cleaning products. What regular maintenance we recommend for upkeep. And product that are too strong to use. Knowing how to care for and clean your new Ekopel finish will help you extend the life of your project and ensure a long lasting finish!


The biggest no-no rule of maintaining your new finish is no bleach products! Bleach products are too strong and can cause yellowing. We don't recommend using anything too abrasive. Anything too abrasive can also destroy your finish. We recommend dropping that scouring pad and that bleach as well. As it will only dull the surface of your project and leave you with damage that you will soon have to replace. To ensure a lasting finish you will have for years, regular gentle cleansing along with a bit of tub wax here and there will help you in the long run!


We recommend using Scrubbing Bubbles or Tilex for your regular cleanings. Gentle cleaners are the way to go!  Any acrylic safe non abrasive cleaner is another great option as well. These will not dull the finish, and helps clean soap scum. And helps maintaining the shiny finish too! In the long run we do recommend using our bathtub wax quarterly to keep it easy to clean and prevents a need for hard scrubbing!

Epoxy finishes are not hard to keep spotless if you stay on top of routine cleansing. You'll want to make sure that you are regularly rinsing out the area after you use products in it for the first 14 days at least. This will prevent stains and further cleaning. Removing any spills or spots quickly will prevent the need for scrubbing as well. Sometimes this is easier said than done! If you have a dried spot or even a stain we always recommend using a magic eraser and some baking soda. If you follow these cleaning tips you should have a nice finish that will last you a long time!! 



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