Why is Mixing so Important?

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Why is Mixing so Important?

By: April Greenlaw

You may have asked yourself why is mixing such an important step? Would it even matter if I don't mix it long enough? In this blog we will be talking about why mixing is such an important step. Why the proper mix time matters. And what can happen if you don't follow the directions. 

Mixing the Ekopel 2K or any epoxy is super important when it comes to getting a great finish! Everything from the mixing time, rest time, to the right portions are going to help you with the end result. If the proportions are off from when you measured and mixed, the whole project will be off. Working with Epoxies is like a science, you must have a certain amount of Part A and Part B for it to work properly. This is one reason why mixing can be so important. 

Another great reason mixing is so  important is micro bubbles, fish eyes, and regular bubbles. If you don't mix all of Part A and Part B for 10 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes and then stir for another 2-3 minutes, then you can get air pockets where there is no hardener and the material will never dry. If you don't hand mix it you will end up with bad bubbling and fisheyes, the kind that can't be fixed with a heat gun. If you don't mix for too long and don't let the material rest for 5 minutes then this will cause the product to foam up and rise to the top causing the Part A and Part B to separate. This will cause microbubbles that will need to be popped with a heat gun or hair dryer after it is applied. This could cause yellowing dark staining from the micro bubbles. Other epoxies or resins may have different mixing times and steps to follow. You will want to make sure you are following the proper directions for your epoxy kit! All epoxies are not the same! Here are a few steps to take to ensure you are mixing your epoxy properly. 

1. Reading the Instructions!

We know you are excited to get started, but PLEASE wait!! You need to take the time to read through the instructions provided, with your kit thoroughly before starting your project. This way you can get any questions you have answered before the mistake happens. It will be better in the long run if you read and understand everything, instead of ending up with a sticky, tacky mess later on. In addition you can reach out to the Refinished Bath Solutions team and chat with us on our website Monday- Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Standard Time. 

2. Working with a Cold Product

Be aware of where your product is being stored, especially in colder climates or the humid months. You want the product to be at 72 degrees at least when you start the mixing process, or you can end up with poor results. Also if the room is colder than the recommended temp the material will take longer to dry.

3. The Mixture is not Blended Properly 

You may end up with sticky areas if the Ekopel 2K is not mixed correctly. Or it could be caused from not enough harder or no hardener added in at all. 

4. Mixing with Improper Tools.

The best tool to use to mix epoxy is a flat bottom stick or spatula, like a paint stir stick. This tool will help you scrape the bottom and the sides of the can easily and blend the resin and the hardener together.

5. Coming into Contact with Water

Be sure that mixing tools and bowls are clean and dry before starting. Even the smallest amount of water can affect the epoxy in a negative way.

So be sure to keep in mind these few simple steps and precautions, before going ahead and mixing the product. Note that when properly mixed the ekopel 2K will have a few small minor bubbles that are normal. These bubbles can be popped later using a heat gun or hair dryer. If it's a lot of bubbles then there could be an issue. As long as you time it correctly, mix well, and follow the directions exactly then you will end up with a great finish!

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  • Nancy mccormick

    I ordered 2orders of ekopel 2k touch up and 1has only 3/4 bottle of hardener and the other has full bottle so do I need to cut the powder in the one that has 3/4 Hardner in it

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