New and Improved Countertop Kits

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New and Improved Countertop Kits

New and Improved Countertop Kits
 By: Sarah Boudreau


Refinished Bath Solutions is proud to announce Ekopel Premium Countertop Recasting Kit! Ekopel Countertop is a robust and long-lasting product. Like Ekopel 2K Bathtub, it is odorless, eco friendly, pet safe, and non-toxic.  Forty-eight hours and good to go.  Oh, and DIY friendly!


The kit comes with a roller and black pigment.  Finished results boast a glossy white marble look that is 1/8" thick.  When replacement is too costly, you want a luxurious look, Ekopel Countertop is your best option.


Buy now on Amazon!  If you have a commercial use in mind, call us directly, and we will pair you with a consultant to advise you through the project.


Check out this three-minute video to witness the magic.


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