New Packaging!!

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New Packaging!!

By: Sarah Spooner

Ekopel made in the USA is FINALLY here and with new packaging!! The new Ekopel kits are basically the same as the old ones: the same old foam roller, and roller frame. Also the wings of the box are the scoop, we no longer include the scoop inside the box. You must tear the scoop off from the perforated edge.  The biggest thing that changed is no more cans! Ekopel will come in bags instead. In this blog we will be talking more about the new packaging, how to mix it, and the new pouring method. Let's get started!

First let's start with what the new bags look like. The Part A is on the bottom portion of the bag. Part B is on the top portion of the bag. In the middle of Part A and Part B is called a burst channel, it's specifically designed for epoxies. This design allows for a different type of mix then you are used to with this product. This package also has a nozzle on it as well for a more controlled pour, and so there is no more waste of material. Also less of a mess!

Second, let's talk about how to mix. Roll up the bag a little bit, similar to how you would roll a toothpaste container when it gets to the end. It will load up the material. Push on top of the loaded material gently to break the first seal. Now it will spread the whole way through. Now get ALL of the Part B to mix together with Part A. Can mix it by: rolling it up, pushing it around, dragging it back and forth on a counter or table. While mixing be very careful to not break the second seal. To avoid breaking the second seal can fold the nozzle part over, so while you mix the second seal won't break and you can mix worry free. There is no more rest period. After you burst seal mix really well for 10-12 minutes. Once mixed in bag you can feel the difference it's more consistent. Pull excess up to top seal. Roll up bag like toothpaste place on floor of tub when pressing down to break second seal to avoid a mess. Once the 2nd seal is broken start pouring with your controlled nozzle!

Next when you're pouring you don't have to go crazy can squeeze out what you need. To place the bag down, place it with nozzle facing up. When using foam roller do the three walls first, so you don't lean into wet material. Break surface tension to go down. When nearly done inside then do the last wall. Pour what you need when you need it. If you get pooled material you don't want you can use a small bucket or solo cup to scoop it out. This is only for if you use too much material or all if it. All the other steps are about the same. The only things that change are the bag and mix time.

We will be getting rid of our old outdated videos with the cans once the cans are gone to avoid confusion. We will have this live unedited version so there's no questions when the camera is off. We will also make an edited version as well to be a little more quick in some areas. We will also make a short 7-10 minute video on just the basics. The new boxes will have a QR code on the side you can scan and it will bring you to the new demo video on how to apply.

For cans left we have about one month's supply left at Amazon. Almost none left at the warehouse. If you order from the Refinished Bath Solutions website you will be getting a bag. If you order from Amazon it will be luck of the draw. It depends on which warehouse it ships from. We have about 50% cans and 50% bags. By January 2022 there will be no cans, only bags!

These bags avoid material waste, and can confidently make less of a mess. You get AMAZING control from the nozzle! It should be easier to follow through all the directions through now. We've had mixing issues in the past and this new method and packaging should help with that. A little less prep time, a lot less likely to mix wrong, a lot easier on the hands! For an easy clean up: once done with a bag you can have a plastic bag or grocery bag nearby to throw the bag in and make for an easier clean up and disposal.


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  • Georgia

    Absolutely loved the results….. except the drain part and that’s my fault for falling asleep and removing too much material. I do have a small void near drain but all in all very happy!

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