Property Managers, Hotel Managers, Home Investment Pros, Contractors- WE WANT YOU!

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Property Managers, Hotel Managers, Home Investment Pros, Contractors- WE WANT YOU!

Property Mangers, Hotel Mangers, Home Investment Pros, Contractors - WE WANT YOU!

By: Sarah Boudreau 

Wish there was a more cost effective solution than replacing tubs and counters? How about a longer lasting (10-20 Years), odor free, and higher quality alternative to refinishing? Punch line please - Ekopel bridges the gap between the cost effectiveness of refinishing and the quality of a replacement. Recasting is the way.
Here is what to do:
  • Call the office: (877) TUB-CAST. Let me know that you are interested in opening a commercial account with us and I will refer you to one of our Consultants. 
  • Donna Fothergill and Stephen Desjarlais are seasoned Consultants that will help you plan and execute your project. They will show you how recasting with Ekopel will save you money on a mind blowing level. Our Consultants will break down your option's, offer advice, facilitate training, and coordinate shipping. 
  • Place your order with our Consultants and get a commercial rate customized to your needs. 

If you want… Call Donna and Steve Direct!

Donna Fothergill: (603) 316-8742 
Stephen Desjarlais: (603) 361-8703 
We have helped thousands of large and small property managers, hotel owners, home investment pros, contractors, refinishers, colleges, housing authorities, and so many more.
Let us help you today! 

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    Cool! Just Testing it out…this looks great! FYI, the word management was spelled incorrectly in the BOLD red letters and in the BOLD black letters 2nd Paragraph, the lovely autocorrect should fix these so you don’t have to…thanks for doing this!

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