Resin and Moisture!

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Resin and Moisture!

Resin and Moisture! 

By: April Greenlaw

Why does moisture and resin not mix well? There are so many reasons why moisture and resins are a bad idea. In this blog we will be talking about exactly why resin and moisture don't mix. What can happen if they get mixed. And how to prevent this issue. 

There are so many reasons why moisture getting into the epoxy will affect the end result. Let's talk about that!  Though paint will breathe, anything greater than light moisture vapor will cause paints to peel. Coatings such as epoxy are impermeable and do not breathe, water vapor and moisture can't pass through these coatings. The build up of this moisture under the coating can cause it to peel or delaminate, to become divided into two layers. So obviously you wouldn't want that to happen, who likes peeling paint?

Second thing to know about moisture and resins.  If it is too hot or humid the epoxy won't want to stick to the unit. This could cause you to end up with a strange texture at the end. The issue with this is if an epoxy coating is laid on top of that moisture it becomes trapped. The liquids can separate from the surface and pool underneath the coating which causes bubbling and flaking. If water was getting under the finish it could cause cracking and bubbling. This could have a negative effect on the quality of the finished product, even in small quantities.

Lastly storing the epoxy or working with the epoxy in a humid environment may cause inconsistent results. This is due to moisture entering the mixture. I recommend using a portable AC unit to cool the room off and to try to prevent humidity. Do not allow the epoxy to get wet while mixing, or this will ruin the finish! In conclusion you do not want any water or moisture getting your resins. Or on any surfaces you will be working with, to ensure a good finish!

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