To Tint? Or Not to Tint?

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To Tint? Or Not to Tint?

To Tint or Not to Tint!?
By: April Greenlaw

Ever wondered if our product comes in different colors?! Or even if you should attempt to tint yourself?! In this blog I will answer any questions you may have about the Ekopel 2K tinting process.

The answer is yes! We are able to tint the Ekopel 2K to four different simple colors almond, bisque, dark and light grey. Ekopel 2K is such a thick paint it is very difficult to tint. Ekopel 2K can't be tinted to any crazy colors or dark colors, at best we could achieve pastel colors. The tinting process comes at an extra cost of $50.00 We are able to take your color request through email or over the phone, seeing how it is not offered on the website. After tinting the product just remember it is non refundable and non returnable.

If you are just looking for a color change in your sink or bathtub then this is not such a bad idea! We use an auto body paint for this tinting process and begin by just adding a little at a time until the best color is achieved. We don't recommend tinting on your own. If you wanted to try this yourself you could try with auto body paint. If you try to tint on your own we are not responsible for what happens.  

A few things to keep in mind: The tinting process is not one hundred percent accurate. We are only able to get within twenty percent accuracy of coloring. For this reason we recommend only tinting the smaller kits like our half gallon kit or our 1 gallon kit. Two gallon kits are hard to get to be an exact match. We do offer tinted touch up kits as well. 


  • Georgia Tufts

    I would like the sower pan refinishing kit and it only comes in white. I was going to order it from Amazon, but can I order it from you wit an almond or bisque or light grey tint?

  • Hashim Majeed

    can u please send me the color swatches for brisk and Almond color

  • Briana

    G’day! I have used your awesome product in the bright white, beautiful turnout!
    I have clients looking to redo their retro jadeite tub n sink from the 1950’s. As well as my own.
    I read you can use auto body paint here.
    How do I start an order like this with you all!

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