Tips and Tricks to Remember

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Tips and Tricks to Remember

Tips and Tricks to Remember
By: April Greenlaw

Ready to pour your first project with Ekopel 2K? What an exciting time and a fun new learning experience! This diy project is easy to learn, but there are some things you’ll want to think about and remember before getting started. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind before, during, and after your Ekopel 2K project.

Always measure your project area so you know exactly which kit you will need for your project. We have a variety of different size kits for different projects. We have bathtubs kits, tub and surround kits, sink/shower pan kits, countertop kits and more! It’s always recommended that you watch our helpful YouTube demo videos before application. This will help so you can see exactly what to expect. You can find these videos on our website under the Ekopel Resources tab at the top and then under Training Resources. 

Always check out our weekly blogs. They have a lot of very useful information and facts that you may need. You can find our blogs on our website under the About Us tab at the top and then under The Bath Blog. Always be prepared beforehand with the other items you will need to complete the project like sandpaper, masking tape, plastic covering, Lysol Power, etc. 

You’ll want to remember to just push the material around instead of actually rolling it on. If you roll it on it would be applied to thin and cause streaking and yellowing. Also try not to over work the material you can get left with roller marks. You can use the cardboard right from your Ekopel 2K box as a good scraper instead of the scooper box it comes with. Just look for the perforated edge on the box and tear away. Then add a little tape on the edge and you are good to go! 

Most imperfections that may happen can easily be fixed with some sanding and buffing or our touch up kits! To help prevent any staining in the tub or sink you should regularly rinse out after each use. This is to ensure that no products leave anything behind. (This is just for 30 days after application). We also recommend either the bathmat or non-slip kit because Ekopel 2K is VERY slippery when wet. We recommend looking at both the non-slip kit and the bathmat to see what product best fits your family's needs.

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    What is included in the touch up kit? Does sanding degloss the finish?

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