What Is Nonylphenol?

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What Is Nonylphenol?

Nonylphenol is a toxic chemical that is still used in the US today. Most Epoxy paints used to refinish counter tops have this chemical in it. We are proud to say, our products DO NOT have this chemical. Nonylphenol is a toxic xenobiotic compound classified as an endocrine distributor. An Endocrine distributor is a natural or man made chemical, that mimics or interferes with the body's hormones. Nonylphenol is capable of interfering with the hormonal system of numerous organisms not just one. It detonates your glands that secrete hormones. It also causes reproductive harm, birth defects, skin and eye irritations. The impact that nonylphenol has on our environment is, feminisation of aquatic organisms, decreases males fertility, and the survival of juveniles at concentrations as low as 8.2 ug/l. Nonylphenol originates from degradation of nonylphenol ethoxylates, which is an industrial surfactant. Surfactants are made up of many different compounds that make up different detergents.They are added in to remove dirt, it’s also found in a lot of latex paints as well.

It is often found in sewage sludge, effluents from sewage treatment works, rivers water, sediments, soil, and groundwater. Nonylphenol ethoxylates goes to sewer plants, where it gets biodegraded into several by-products including nonylphenol. Nonylphenol builds up in the environmental compartments due to it’s low solubility and high hydrophobicity. The environmental compartments are characterized by high organic content. Typically sewage sludge, and river sediments is where it persists.

Nonylphenol is in the environment due to there connection with anthropogenic activities like, wastewater treatment, land filling, and recycling sewage sludge. Due to harmful effects of degradation products of nonylphenol ethoxylates in the environment, the product is banned in many countries in Europe. It’s being strictly monitored in other countries like Canada. Even though it has been shown that concentrations of nonylphenol is decreasing, it’s still being found at concentrations of 4.1ug/l in rivers and 1mg/kg in sediments.

The current concern with industries is the possibility of regulations, that may impose the removal of trace contaminants from contaminated effluents. This would effect a lot of paint companies. Most Epoxy paints that are used to refinish counter tops have this chemical in it, and you don't even know. We are proud to say we DO NOT use this chemical in any of our products. At Refinished Bath Solutions we care about your families health and the environments health. That's why our products are Eco friendly, made with no harmful toxins or chemicals. Our products are also odorless and pet safe! 

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