Why Do Exact Measurements Matter?

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Why Do Exact Measurements Matter?

By: Sarah Spooner


Hi and welcome back to another great Refinished Bath Solutions Blog!! In this week's blog we will be going over why the exact measurements matter. What can happen if the measurements are off. And why you should always follow the measurements given to you. Let's get started!!


So the big question here is why do exact measurements matter? In this case exact measurements matter because working with epoxies is like a science. If one thing is off the whole thing will be off. Ekopel 2K is very much like this, if you decide you want to do two different projects and think you can just pour half and half and guesstimate your wrong!! Ekopel has to be an exact measurement, and can’t be stretched or it will yellow and streak.  Ekopel needs to be measured out to the  exact proportion using a kitchen scale. We use the kitchen scale to ensure each bottle weighs the same before we label and package the products.


Now you may ask yourself but why? What can happen if it's not measured out properly? If it's not measured out to the exact measurements lots of things can go wrong. If there isn't enough Part B or hardener mixed in with Part A then it won't dry, it's a science after all. If this were to happen there is no way of going back in and adding or mixing the Part B. Especially onto a poured Part A bathtub. You would have to remove the tacky non dry areas and start over. Luckily we do have pour on touch up kits available! Our pour on touch up kits are the same material just a smaller amount for small easy fixes!! 


You should always follow the measurements given to you or you can run into some unwanted problems like: material not drying, yellowing, streaking, and more. To make sure your project comes out perfectly we recommend watching our YouTube videos on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu52j7aN00AX_DEfnwA2dtw      visiting our training page at: https://refinishedbathsolutions.com/pages/training-resources  and read / follow the directions given to you to a T.  It's the tried and true method. If you follow the directions given to you exactly then you should end up with amazing results!! Also remember we have an agent on our website from 9:00 - 5:00 (EST) to help answer any questions you may have and to help walk you through any mistakes you've made.


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