Why Follow Directions?

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Why Follow Directions?

Why Follow Directions?

By: Sarah Boudreau

Have you ever asked yourself why is it important to follow directions? What would even happen if I skipped a step? Or if it was done out of order? Will it even really matter? In this week's blog we will be going over why it's important to follow directions, and why it matters. 

Directions really do matter when you're working with Epoxy. Working with different Epoxy's can be like a science. If you don't follow the exact directions you could end up hurt or with a big mess on your hands. It's important to always follow the directions to a T so you know what precautions should be taken. Our Epoxy is non toxic and odorless so there is no need for a ventilation system. Just open a window if needed. Other epoxy's are very toxic and full of a powerful toxic odor that could harm you, if you don't take the proper precautions. So you would want to read the directions to ensure you are taking proper precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. 

Some eye opening examples of what can happen if you don't follow the directions are as followed. If the directions state, pour all Part B into Part A, and you only do half Part B and save the rest. Then the epoxy isn't going to dry and cure the right way, if it dries at all. Working with epoxies can be a science, you need a certain amount of Part A and Part B for it to work properly. If the measurements are off it will not work. Another great example of why following directions can be so important is, how much material is needed for your project. If your project calls for one gallon and you think you can stretch the material and get away with using a half gallon. If you do this you will be very sad with the end result. By trying to stretch the material it can cause yellowing and streaking, epoxies are not a paint and can't be rolled on. 

Ekopel 2K epoxy states to mix for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and then mix for another 2-3 minutes. If you don't rest in the middle for 5 minutes, and keep mixing this will cause the product to foam up, and rise to the top and separates the Part A and Part B. This will cause problems further down the road. Another mistake that can happen is the directions state to hand mix, but you decide to try and use an electric mixer. By doing this it can cause bubbling and fish eyes, so you will want to hand mix it. Now you can see why when working with an epoxy can be a science. Even the thing that seems so minor could be the thing that throws the whole project off. So make sure you listen to what the directions tell you to do. Follow the tried and true!

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