Why Is Prep Work Important?

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Why Is Prep Work Important?

Why is prep work so important when doing a DIY project? Prep work is so important when doing a DIY project because, it can determine the future of your project. The activities done prior to project, will be the determining factor to how the project will come out in the long run. Doing proper prep work can help build a path for the project and good strategies that might be helpful later on in the project. Proper prep will build a solid foundation for your project. Think about it from this perspective, you wouldn’t build your house with no foundation right? Well then why would you start a project with no foundation? With our products proper prep is a must because, if you don’t prep it’s not going to last as long as it should. It also won’t come out like you imagined. If you don’t sand your tub smooth and remove the peeling paint then, when you apply Ekopel 2K it can mirror the underneath. If you don’t give the tub a deep clean all that soap scum will be left behind. Yes Ekopel 2K even sticks to your soap scum! Hence it will stick to the soap scum, and further down the road it can cause peeling. If you don’t mix our paint long enough than it can cause streaking or yellowing. These are some reasons on why prep work is so important. You always want to prep your projects before you start. The prep work you do on a project can really make or break that project.

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