Why Is Prepping The Drain A Critical Step?

Aug 11 , 2020

Why is prepping the drain a critical step? What can happen if it's not properly prepped? How do you get Ekopel 2K out of the drain? Keep reading our blog to find out!

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  • 11 Aug 2020 K. Alys

    I agree with the previous poster. There is practically no way a novice can manage the drain issue. Mine was super-taped up, but during the 4 hours, the tape got half swallowed by product. I had to gouge it out with a tool, hair-dry hover for a painfully long time, & and am seeing it smooth out but it’s threatening the drain! I don’t see how this realistically can be used in an installed tub. How about making a video of that? I’ve got a lumpy-bumpy mess at the drain opening and am VERY WORRIED about oozing but afraid to block it off again.

  • 11 Aug 2020 Nanci Cieslak

    I watched 5-6 times your most recent YouTube installation video. This was my first time, I felt confident & applied the Ekopel tub kit.
    I want to mention that while I was searhing for Ekopel installing videos, i did not see a ‘common problem’ video.
    So my take away is this:
    1. I would like the video to explain the importance of some of the techniques used An example is why it is important for the installer to continuely pull up the material on the tub side walls (as I now know, this is to insure good coverage (when the product dried, I had a condition I’ll call Fish Eyes where the product did not completely cover & color of the base tub showed thru in circles (fish eye). I sanded and recoated the area to fix.
    2. I see the material has ‘runs’ or drips. I now realize that i needed to continuely pull up the material on the tube side walls to keep level on the tub walls. I sanded & recoated to repair.
    3. The drain: people need to completely understand the impact of the material leveling & the drain & be better informed as to how to keep the drain area from getting filled. I did use the tap & covered but overnight the taped drain filled up & now is hard as a rock . I did cut out the drain hole but the silver collar is coated & tape is underneath so I dont know if this will cause problems later.
    These problems need to be talked about while the video shows the installer working. These are important points. also a video is needed as to how to repair
    Im not sure I will do this again. It’s very messy & I can see practice makes perfect but how many tubs would I need to do to be good?
    thank you

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