Ekopel Tub and Shower Non Slip Coating

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Ekopel Bathtub And Shower Bottom Non Slip Coating Provides Optimal Safety, Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries. 


As Opposed To Other Non Slip Material, Ekopel Non Slip Wont Peel Over Time. 

Kit includes:

Ekopel Non Slip Part A  

Ekopel Non Slip Part B

Mini Foam Roller



Like Ekopel 2K there is no toxic chemical odors. 


Ekopel Non Slip is simple to apply. 

Throughly clean and dry the non slip area.

Tape the edges of the area you want to be textured.

Add part B to part A container. 

Stir for 5-10 minutes. 

Pour contents in the center of taped off area. 

Neatly level out the non slip material with included foam roller. 

Remove tape. 

Wait 24 hours and your long lasting non slip surface is ready for use.