Getting To The Bottom Of Drip Marks

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Getting To The Bottom Of Drip Marks

One of the biggest fixes that our customers end up going back and fixing is drip marks. Drip marks aren't a big deal if they happen, they are fixable! What can cause drip marks when using ekopel? Touching the material too late in the process. After the hour mark you do not want to touch ekopel. Not going back over the top of you surrounding can cause drip marks. If you don't get all the pooled ekopel at the top of your surrounding it will drip down over time. Sometimes nothing at all causes the drip marks they can just happen. Sometimes it's caused by not mixing the material good enough for long enough. To fix drip marks you will want to sand the drip marks smooth with 220-320 sandpaper. When it starts looking good you can double the grit of sandpaper to 600 then 1500. Next you can use a car buffing compound to bring the shine back. The best way to understand how to buff is to watch a YouTube video on how to buff a drip mark out of a car. Watching that will teach you all you will need to know about buffing. If when you sand it needs more material we have touch up kits. Our touch up kits are smaller amounts of ekopel, so same material just different sizes. You can apply our touch up kits to the affected area with either your fingertips. Or you can pour the touch up kit onto the affected area and use the roller brush to push the material around. We also have a YouTube demo video on how to use our touch up kits. Great for visual purposes. If you have any questions on fixing drip marks or other affected areas you can always call and speak to our tech that can diagnose the issue and walk you through fixing it. Don't ever be afraid  to call or shoot us an email. All our contact information is under contact us on the home page. We don't bite!

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  • Patrick

    Great product! Did my tub yesterday and have some runs. How long do you suggest waiting before sanding. Also, do suggest wet sanding over sanding dry?
    Thank you!

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