Ekopel Tub and Surround Size Kit

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Ekopel is the best material on the market for standard size bathtubs.  Follow our new install method to coat tubs and long vertical walls.  2 Kits Always Required For Long Vertical Walls.


The best way to refinish a tub with surround, or a tub with tile walls is to use this kit. 

Included In Kit:

2 Full Size Kit Of Ekopel 2K

1 Roller Handle 

2 Roller Covers

2 Scooper Boxes


Install Instructions:


      1. Repair Holes, Cracks, Or Grout.
      2. Deep Clean All Surfaces To Be Coated. We Recommend Lysol Power Toilet Cleaner
      3. Rinse Well With Warm-hot Water
      4. Dry Surface Completely.(Blow Dryer/Heat Gun With Towels Help



    1. Begin Mixing Ekopel 2k(10 Minutes Hand Mix, 5-10 Minute Rest- 1-2 Minute Stir)
    2. Once you finish mixing the first kit begin mixing 2nd kit and follow remaining mixing instructions above
    3. From The Top Of The Unit Pour Full Contents Of Container Around The Walls
    4. Use Included Roller To Push And Move Coating Until All Walls Are Covered.(This coating is thick and will need to be moved several times)
    5. Lightly Roll Side To Side All Walls To Even Out Coating( Self Leveling Will Take Over From There.
    6. Scoop excess rundown into the can or push up the tub walls with foam roller.  (Video Example Is Helpful Here)
    7. Using Foam Roller Push Excess Material From The Top Rail Of Tub Applying Light Pressure. Move Material In Pooling Areas Over Any Missed Stops On Walls.
    8. Pour All Scooped Material Onto Top Front Rail, Run Roller With Light Pressure To Push Material To Flow On Inside And Outside Tub Walls. Scoop Extra And Repour If Needed.
    9. Move Material Up Tub Inside Wall. Roll Outside Tub Skirt And Any Further Missed Areas.
    10. Level Out And Remove Excess From Bottom Of Tub. Remove Tape From Walls.
    11. After 1 Hour Remove Tape Dam. Hourly Scoop Off/Wipe Excess Material Off Drain/ Floor Tape.
    12. Wait Until Material Stops Moving Onto Drain Area, Remove Remaining Tape (after 4-6 Hours).
    13. Remove Any Wet Ekopel With Alcohol Or Acetone If Need.
    14. Remove Tape, Wait 24-36 Hours For Use.