Can Ekopel 2K Go Over Ekopel 2K?

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Can Ekopel 2K Go Over Ekopel 2K?

By: April Greenlaw


If you've ever worked with Ekopel 2K you may have asked yourself, can Ekopel 2K stick to Ekopel 2K? This is a great question to ask! Some ask this questions because they want to do a second coat. Some people ask this because they've made a mistake. Whatever the reason is, let's talk about whether Ekopel 2K can stick to itself. 

The answer is yes! Ekopel 2K can stick to Ekopel 2K or other epoxies! So if you did a first coat with Ekopel 2K and it looks great, then you could add a second coat and it will stick to itself. The thing to know when re-pouring a  second coat is it can mirror the underneath. So if there's a blemish it may mirror that blemish. To get rid of the blemish just sand it smooth and clean it. Then when you repour it will be smooth and won't mirror the blemish. If you've messed up badly and want to restart I would recommend restarting all the prep work again as well. So,  sand the whole tub smooth to the touch again with 220-320 grit sandpaper, deep clean and etch the surface, etc. 

Sometimes you may make a mistake where you may need to re-pour or fix a small area where there are imperfections. No need to worry, sanding and buffing will be your best friend with this material! You are able to put Ekopel 2K right over the existing layer! We recommend sanding the affected area first to see if it can be buffed out. If you do need more material after sanding make sure it's smooth to the touch, or it will mirror underneath. It can sometimes be helpful to add a second layer of Ekopel 2K over the affected area and then sand and buff it out. In the end whether you are fixing a small area or re doing your entire project it's totally fine to put Ekopel 2K over Ekopel 2K no matter how old or fresh the coat is!!


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