How To Make An Epoxy Tray!

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How To Make An Epoxy Tray!

By: Aril Greenlaw

Welcome back to our craft series!! In this week's craft edition blog, we will be going over how to make an Epoxy Tray from Ekopel 2K! We will tell you what you need, cool things to add and get creative with. And we will walk you through the process on how to make it. You could do this with Ekopel 2K, or other great epoxy resins! DIY epoxy trays make great gifts, décor, and serving pieces. Let's jump on in!

Let's start off with what you will need for this project. You will need Ekopel 2K or another great Epoxy resin. Gloves, and a Stir Stick. Paper or Plastic floor or furniture covering. This is so material doesn't end up in an unwanted area. Silicon Mold or a plastic tray from your local store. Acrylic Paint, glitter, or whatever fun thing you would like to add in to make it you! And lastly a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer to pop the bubbles. 

Now let's talk about how to do this project. Start by figuring out which you want to do silicone mold, or coating an existing tray. Then you will want to know how much Ekopel 2K or material is needed for your project. You can get all the pieces at your local craft store or online. Get all the pieces and then lay them all out. You want to make this as easy as possibly for yourself. Laying out all the pieces will make the pouring process go much smoother. Also keep in mind you don't have endless time to work with epoxy, you only have about an hour with ekopel 2K. Next decide what fun thing you want to add into the resin if anything. Some popular items people like to add include: glitter, dried flowers, sand, etc.

Next you will want to mix the Ekopel 2K or other epoxy resin according to their directions. Remember working with Epoxies is like a science, if something is off it could throw the whole project off. So you will want to make sure you are exact. Now depending on what type of epoxy you're working with you can add a tint to some. Ekopel 2K isn't a great canadine for this it's a very thick product and at best you can only get pastel colors. Clear epoxies work great for tinting. Depending on what look you're trying to accomplish you could pour the resin into different cups and add colors in. If you're working with Ekopel for this project I would recommend using acrylic paint on the bottom of a silicon mold then pour the ekopel on top. You can also pour ekopel into mold then spray paint the top and then mix it around with your gloved hands. There are a lot of options here. I can't go through them all, so you will have to use your imagination and get creative here. If you are coating a tray you would just pour the material over the tray and add in whatever you would like, like color additives, glitter, dried flowers, etc. 

 Finally when you're happy with your design go over the top of your project with a heat gun or hair dryer to pop all bubbles. Some bubbles might not even be noticeable to the eye, these are called micro bubbles. You will want to pop these now or they will get dirty fast. You can also use the heat gun to make cool unique patterns. Some people like to create a beach sand water pattern using the heat gun. Make sure you put your project in a safe level space away from lint or dust. Let it dry for 24-36 hours and then pop your mold out and take a look! Some of the molds will have a sharpish edge to them, this can be sanded and buffed. I would recommend sanding with 220-320 grit then double it to 600 then 1500 then use any car buffing compound to renew the shine. If you plan on using the tray for food make sure you coat the tray in a food safe epoxy to be on the safe side. Then enjoy it!!


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