How We Make Your Ekopel 2K Shower Pan/Sink Refinishing Kits!

Jun 02 , 2020


      This is how we make your sink kits! We take half of the Ekopel 2K bathtub refinishing kit, and we dump half out into the sink kit container. Once we have gotten all we can get out of the Ekopel 2K gallon can we, bring it to another table and leave the can upside down. Then we take our heat gun and warm up the excess paint in the can to get the rest out. Then we do a final measuring on our kitchen scale. This is to ensure every sink kit has the same amount in it. Then we bang the lid on and place in storage until you order it. When you order we box the 1/2 gallon of Ekopel 2K we made as you can see in the images above. Then the scooper box, and the foam roller and ship it out to our happy customers to enjoy!

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  • 02 Jun 2020 Thomas

    I need to refinish a standard dual kitchen sink. Will the sink kit be sufficient for this? Thank you!

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