Although DIY bathtub refinishing is a lot less costly of an option then buying a whole new bathtub, it can also be a tricky and even hazardous mission. According to NIOSH Science Blog, methylene chloride, when not used properly, is an extremely dangerous chemical that is often used in bathtub refinishing products. These toxic chemical smells quickly build up in small spaces, replacing the breathable air, and the exposure can even be life-threatening. This is just one of the scary examples of the dangers and hazards that bathtub refinishing can pose.

Dangers of DIY Bathtub Remodeling
The main reason why DIY bathtub refinishing, DIY bathtub reglazing, or anything of the sort should be done with much caution is because it ban be a major health risk, like previously mentioned. It isn’t just breathing in the hazardous chemical fumes that should be a major concern, however, but also such hazardous chemicals coming in contact with your skin. Attempting to remove peeling coating on your own, and without proper protection, can also damage other parts of your bathroom as well, due to the strong toxic fumes being released during the process. Ultimately, bathtub peeling is a tricky and even risky task to try and fix on your own, and DIY bathtub reglazing and refinishing as a whole can be hazardous if not careful.

Helpful Solutions to Doing it Yourself
However, don’t let the potential danger of bathtub refinishing scare you out of considering the various benefits that come with it as well. You may see it as a better alternative after you consider replacing the tub completely. Normally, bathtubs are built into the house upon its construction, so to remove an existing bathtub completely would take a lot of work, on top of being very costly. Then, it would mean even more work replacing it with a new tub, as many readjustments would have to be made. It hardly seems logical to remove and replace the bathtub entirely when you can simply fix bathtub peeling by adding new coating, or by just sealing up the cracks and fixing the deterioration of the original tub. One article lists there examples of the advantages of refinishing over removing and replacing the bathtub, and these advantages include:
refinishing saves time compared to removing and replacing
refinishing saves money opposed to removing and replacing
the results of refinishing your bathtub are amazing — making it look brand new

Although it’s encouraged and typically necessary to seek advice and help from a professional when considering DIY bathtub reglazing and refinishing, there are great products on the market that will make it incredibly easy and worth it. One amazing DIY bathtub cast on the market today is called Ekopel 2k, and you’re about to discover why this product is a much better option than the rest.

Why Choose Ekopel 2K For Your DIY Bathtub Refinish?
You may be wondering why choose Ekopel 2K? What makes it any better than any other bathtub resin? Well, there are many unique and amazing advantages to choosing this resin over the rest. Just a few of these advantages that make it more unique and a better option include; It’s an odor-less and non-hazardous material, it’s high density and has excellent coverage, it has perfect adhesion to materials such as steel and cast iron, it leaves no streaks or bubbles, it’s UV resistant, it can freeze below 0 and does not lose it’s properties after defrosting and it’s completely harmless to humans and the environment alike (when solidified). The benefits to choosing this excellent DIY bathtub cast does not end there, however, as there are so many more advantages that put it many steps above the other products on the market that are like it. For instance, at normal temperatures in bathroom (20-25 degrees Celsius), it only takes 24 hours to harden. In addition, the shelf-life upon opening this product is 45-90 minutes after mixing the components, and the shelf-life prior to opening it is 12 months from the date of manufacture. There’s also no diluters needed to make it ready to use, it only takes 3-4 hours and it can be tinted with tinting pastes. Finally, the service life on this product is 20 years, granted regular care provided to the coating. Along with the many advantages and benefits of this product, the product is also just simple to use for such a seemingly complex task as refinishing. The material consisting of the product includes only two components: Component A, the base, and component B, the hardener. The mixing of these products provides you with a mixture ready for application.

So, although there are dangers and hazards that you have to keep cautious with when doing any kind of do it yourself project, not only bathtub refinishing, there is a lot of benefits that come out of it too. As already mentioned, there are so many advantages and benefits that come out of this particular DIY bathtub product alone, benefits that other DIY bathtub products can’t provide, the main benefit being non-hazardous to humans and the environment. However, other standard products like this refinishing product does not offer the other amazing benefits as well, from leaving no streaks or bubbles to longer shelf-life and service life. Now that you know the benefits of this product, and hopefully you will keep these in mind, the amazing results after using the product is what will truly keep you satisfied with this product. Once you see the results, you will understand that choosing this particular bathtub casting resin is the best option that is completely worth the time, effort and expenses going into it. Because, doing it yourself bathtub refinishing should be as easy as possible, and you should be able to have the best product for a smooth refinishing process to get the task done. As you are considering refinishing your bathtub and the product you should use, at least keep this one in mind and you will won’t be happier with it.

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