Where Can I Buy A Bath Mat For A Refinished Bathtub?

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Where Can I Buy A Bath Mat For A Refinished Bathtub?

Where can I buy a bath mat for a refinished bathtub?

These are words heard all to often in the bathtub refinishing industry.  Mats that are safe for refinished tubs, with the no suction cup design have been around for years.  As a former refinished I never knew where to refer people and I thought there as to be an easier way.  That is when I decided to create refinishedbathtubmat.com  A very simple solution to fill the void.  We don't have 20 different products we keep things simple and easy for our customers to get what they need when they need it.  Our Bath Mats are made with a high quality, thick, natural rubber.  Unlike there cheap pvc plastic brothers our mats are fully machine washable.  The no suction cup bath mat won't leave little circles on the bottom of the tub as traditional mats would.  We work closely with many refinishers across the country to help lower costs for our customers.  If you have had your tub refinished or are looking into the process ask your refinisher about the Refinished Bathtub Mat, or order yours today at refinishedbathtubmat.com and use promo code: Blog for 10% off

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