Which kit do you Need?!

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Which kit do you Need?!

Which kit do you Need?! 

By: April Greenlaw

Wondering which Ekopel 2K kit you will need to get your project done? Well look no further all your answers are right here! We will tell you about the sizes of each kit and what they can cover. This might be something that will come in handy on your next project with us! 

Our Ekopel 2K kits come in a few different sizes and can cover anything from a small mistake to a large Jacuzzi tub! Our Ekopel 2K DIY friendly recasting kit is our 1 gallon kit. This kit can cover any standard size bathtub. A standard size bathtub is 60 inches long, 30-32 inches wide, or 5 ft long and 2.5-2.7 ft wide. This kit can cover up to 20 - 30 square feet. Measuring the size of your project is always a good idea.

Our bigger size kit is our Ekopel 2K Tub and Surround kit. This is a two gallon kit. This kit is perfect for a standard size tub with surrounding walls or tile. Also great for a clawfoot bathtub or a larger tub area. This kit contains enough material to cover 35 - 50 square feet. 

We also have our sink and shower pan kit which is a half gallon kit for the smaller jobs. This kit is perfect for a standard sink or shower pan, and also can be added to our regular tub kit to cover things like a garden tub or jacuzzi. That being said if you have a larger tub like a garden tub you would need one standard tub kit and this sink / shower pan kit to cover it all! This kit covers 10 to 12 square feet. 

We also offer smaller kits both 100 gram touch up kits and 300 gram touch up kits. These kits are perfect for those times that small imperfections may happen. I would recommend the 300 gram touch up kit for those bigger areas like footprints or front skirt. For reference our 300 gram kit will cover the entire bottom of your standard tub.. For those smaller areas that need touching up like a fingerprint or smudge I would recommend our 100 gram touch up kit. 

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