Why Choose Ekopel ?

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Why Choose Ekopel ?

Why choose Ekopel ? 

By: Xolelwa Gwarube

Welcome back to our blog! In this week’s blog we will be discussing why choose Ekopel? Why Ekopel is the best choice not only for your bathroom & kitchen, but for the environment as a whole. Keep reading to know more about what we have to offer, and what makes our product stand out. We offer a range of products which we are confident about. To prove the effectiveness, we don’t just talk the talk. 

Let’s get into what makes Ekopel unique. Besides it being an absolutely clean product, free from any harmful ingredients that are bad for the environment, like most other refinishing products. Ours is made to perfection! It is completely odor free, non-toxic, eco friendly, fast drying, and pet friendly. Our product is undoubtedly the safest epoxy on the market and is a very sustainable product. You don’t even need a ventilation system!!

Another great reason to choose ekopel is you get your money’s worth! It doesn’t scratch easily, making it look fresh and shiny for longer! It applies 20x thicker than other bathtub refinishing products. Most refinishing sprays dry paper thin, and ekopel dry around an eighth of an inch thick. With Ekopel products with all the proper prep work, it can last up to 20 years with no peels! Yes, TWENTY YEARS!! Clean products don’t necessarily have to be a played down version of toxin filled products— we give environmental awareness an entire new meaning!

The best part about our product is we offer support and to show gratitude. We want our customers to LOVE their end result. If you have an issue we can tell you what caused it and how to fix it. 99% of mistakes are fixable! You can reach out to us for any and everything you would like assistance on regarding Ekopel. We are now open 24 hours everyday to help assist! And we also have live chat agents who are real people, ready and happy to help!

Lastly we also have a YouTube channel filled with videos to help guide you through your project step by step. It also helps give you a visual. It’s safe to say, we added a touch (more like an entire limb) of love in the production of our products. Get the best out of Ekopel and head on to our youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com › Refinished...Refinished Bath Solutions - YouTube for any tips on how to any of our products. 

Protecting the environment has never been this easy. We try to ensure to contribute to preserving our environment and we hope you do too! We hope this blog helps you make an educated decision on why Ekopel is the best choice for your home, and environment. And what makes our products stand out compared to others. We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and will join us next week!

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