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Prevent Slip and Falls, Protect Your Investments  By Sarah Boudreau It is 5:00 AM Friday morning. Your renter is hopping in the shower after a long happy hour the night before.  They get one foot in the tub and, whoops!  They slip, fall, and hit their head.  A concussion and several medical bills later, they feel wronged by the property management company and make a call to their lawyer.  Whether you are negligent or not, there is a lawsuit coming your way.  You are on the hook to defend if not make restitution for damages.   What can be done?  A...

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To recast? Or not to recast? That is the question we will be answering in todays blog. Keep reading to find out if you should recast your old bathtub, or is it too far gone, and needs to get replaced.

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Recast VS Refinish! Do you know what the difference is? Do you know what recasting is? Well you learn something new everyday, so keep reading our blog to learn something new!

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Refinished Bath Solutions is proud to announce our appearance at the AAOA 2020 Virtual Trade Show! Keep reading to learn more!

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