What Is The Differences Between Ekopel 2K and Other Refinishing Sprays?

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What Is The Differences Between Ekopel 2K and Other Refinishing Sprays?

Ekopel 2K and other refinishing sprays and epoxy's have many differences, the biggest diffidence is Ekopel 2K is Eco friendly and other refinishing products aren't. Ekopel is safe to use because it's odorless unlike most other refinishing products, that have such a strong odor you need to wear a mask or it can kill you. It's also pet safe, and made with no toxins or chemicals, NO NONYLPHENOL, NO METHYLENE CHLORIDE, and NO ISOCYANATES! Ekopel 2K is also longer lasting than most chemical sprays on the market. Ekopel 2K will last up to 20 years with proper prep work, no peels. Other refinishes won't last that long and they will start to peel, some peel just a year after being refinished. With Ekopel that won't happen. Ekopel 2K can not be sprayed on. Ekopel is a very thick finish and for that reason it can't go through a spray gun. Also Ekopel can't be thinned out, if  Ekopel is thinned out it will cause yellowing and streaking. Ekopel is meant to be an eighth of an inch thick. When using Ekopel 2K you do not need to wear a mask but you can for extra precautions. With other sprays and Epoxy's you can not not wear a mask and gloves, it can kill you. Our product isn't dangerous like other refinishing products. At Refinished Bath Solutions we made our products this way because we want you and your family to be safe. You shouldn't have to worry about chemicals harming your family.

Most other refinishing products have Methylene Chloride in them. Methylene Chloride can also be found in products used to strip old paint from tubs. Methylene Chloride is very bad because, when it enters the human body it affects the brains functions for example it can affect your concentration. At high enough levels of exposure it can stop your breathing. It may also cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness and feeling of intoxication. May also irritate eyes, throat, and nose. If it comes in contact with your skin it will cause chemical burns. It's very dangerous for people with heart conditions to use the spray finishes. This is because it can increase carbon monoxide which could lead to early onset heart attacks and irregular heart beats. Heat attacks may occur before symptoms of methylene chloride exposure occurs.

As your exposure increases so do the side effects. Methylene Chloride can also cause suffocation, loss of consciousness, coma, and sudden death. Long term exposure can cause cancer in humans. An animal study has shown that exposure to Methylene Chloride can lead to liver cancer, lung cancer, and tumors in the breast and salivary glands. "In February 2012, a worker using product containing methylene chloride to refinish a bathtub was found dead, slumped over a bathtub in an unventilated bathroom." (CDC) " In September 2011, a worker using a product containing methylene chloride to strip the glaze from a bathtub collapsed in the bathtub and later died." (CDC) For these exact reasons why use scary chemicals like that in your home? That's why we don't have toxic chemicals in our products. At Refinished Bath Solutions we care about the environment and your family's health.

Many Epoxy coatings release dangerous vapors from Isocyanates when sprayed. Isocyanates is a very dangerous chemical that includes compounds classified as potential human carcinogens. Carcinogens, a substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Experts recommend occupants leave while refinishing is being done. Some companies tell customers they don't use products with these chemicals in them because they don't want you to know the scary truth. With this chemical not only do you have to worry about it being airborne but you have to worry about it absorbing into your skin as well. If it is absorbed into your skin or inhaled it is deadly. At Refinished Bath Solutions we believe you should know what is in your products before using them. We believe you should know about dangerous chemicals that you bring into your home. That's we we are Eco friendly made safe for all, if we tell you what in your products so you don't have to wonder.  refinish safe, refinish smart.


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    Isn’t a list of ingredients required in the USA?

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    What kind of chemical is Ekopel 2k ? (not what kind it isn’t)

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